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The Fashioniste: Who I Am

Yo. OK, I’m a nerd, it’s just a fact. And yeah, I admire other nerds n’ brainiacs, but what I got goin on is different than them, and I mean WAYYY f^ckin different. HOW? Cuz the goal of MY life is not to acquire as much knowledge as I possibly can--it's to get as high off of BEAUTY as I possibly can. But let me clarify that completely ridiculous statement for ya-- Ok, YEAH, I LIKE reading--and classical authors at THAT--AND I enjoy learning about stuff and sharing it, if relevant, with others in conversation and emails, and in doing that, I wager that the other person’ll find it interesting in some way, and if they happen to, then f^ckin A, that’s GREAT! But I do NOT read and learn and memorize stuff and quote sh^t just for the sake of LEARNING and QUOTING sh^t (cuz what the hell izZAT? Y'know??). IIII do it for the sake of LOVE—OUT of love, and for nuthin BUT all the forms of beauty that INSPIRE love, whether those are designed, painted, sculpted, written, composed, constructed, or performed, or WHATEVER… You see where I’m comin from?

And you might be surprised to know that I definitely ain't the first artistic or literary-minded individual to think this way, or rather FEEL this way. Lemme quote a few, VERY different, awesomely creative individuals from the past for ya—

FIRST, there was Oscar Wilde, who said that “Beauty is a form of GENIUS—is higher, INDEED, than genius, as it needs no explanation.”

THEN, the great Amadeus Mozart, who said that “Neither a lofty degree of intelligence, NOR imagination, NOR both together go to the making of genius. Love, Love, Love—THAT is the soul of genius.”

ANNND it was Leo Tolstoy, master of the Russian novel, which he was, who said “All, all that I know, I know because I love.”

THEN, rounding it out in the realm of VISUAL arts, it was Vincent van Gogh who said “The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic that to LOVE OTHERS….” He also said, quite brilliantly, to “Love many things, for therein lies true strength, and whoever LOVES much PERFORMS much, and can ACCOMPLISH much—and what is done in love is done well.” Daaaaaaamn!!!!! Talk about DONE WELL. Nooooo kidding, man.

So you see what I’m talkin about. My love is FOR Love, which is the experience of BEAUTY, and Beauty in this day and age is determined by fashion houses led by fashion designers, who are really like the ancient sculptors and Renaissance oil painters of OUR times. They serve that same function of guiding the perception of beauty for SOCIETY itself from one year to the next, and one generation to the next. It is they, these designers, these clothiers of the human body, who WRITE the very history of beauty with a keen eye and an obedient hand, and it is they who will go on writing the future of it as well. Am I saying that my OWN perception of beauty has been shaped and guided by these designers? Hell YES. And certainly that was true even before I knew their names or knew of that complex and highly challenging craft of theirs—and it would still, of course, be true even if I never quite delved so deeply into the distinct artistic realm that they inhabit to be a faithful follower and an incidental "student" of their works. How could I POSSIBLY deny their influence upon me?! How could I dismiss the part they have played in bringing so much excitement and beauty to my life? Ya know? But yeah, because I’m NOT so friggin OBTUSE as to disregard or overlook the huge impact that these few dozen designers have on my OWN perception of beauty, and on society's perception as a whole, I have thus taken it upon myself to conceive of some place where I could pay tribute to them, while showing you, and you, and you the sheer AWESOMENESS—or if anything, the awe-inspiring cultural IMPACT—that they have generated... And that is how this website was born.

My goal is to use the form that I’m used to thinking and expressing MYself in—namely, WORDS—be they my own OR someone else’s (and don’t worry, I’m very mindful of crediting my influences in THAT), in order to achieve upon OTHERS the effect that so much gorgeous beauty had upon ME. And by "that beauty," I mean all these gorgeous FORMS, these creations, reinterpretations, and TRANSLATIONS of beauty, and with that last one, it's not always necessarily translations from one language to another, but maybe from a language into music, or a translation that an artist has made from the movement of a song to the movement of a brush-strokes on a canvas… OR, if we’re REALLY talkin about the predominating translation of human life, let's talk about the sight of a woman's beauty, which is created by that ULTIMATE artist, GOD (or Nature), and all that THAT inspires and motivates men to do in ALL field of achievement. YYYYYYEAH! And that DEFINITELY covers the arts and plenty that is NOT artistic, and certainly much has been observed, as well as demonstrated, about the irresistible, indomitable, merciless f^ckin POWER of a woman’s beauty (holy sh^t, OK, better cool out, man), whether it’s, like, an artist’s Muse, yeah, or the, well, "Muse" of any OTHER type of guy, and what the super-hot and totally tantalizing looks of that particular woman HAVE upon the willpower and the work and the very SELF-ACTUALIZATION of that artist, that guy, whether he's a f^ckin businessman or a bricklayer, an athlete or an accountant. Seriously—writers and painters n’ sh^t are obviously not the only f^ckin dudes who go crazy for some chick, and I never stop emphasizing that parallels, because I never stop SEEING it, and seeing that it's what makes the workd go 'round … Yo, maybe that’s just the crazy-ass, super-romantic bias of my own perspective, and if so, then so be it (but it isn't. ok).

So, THAT...is what THIS site (and much of my random thoughts and therefore pretty much the best of my day-to-day life) itself is AWLLLLL about…… That’s where this identity as the so-called Fashioniste arises; it’s somethin I AM, even when I'm NOT workin on this f^ckin site, and even when I AIN'T lookin at pictures of chicas calientes en las pasarelas de los ciudades mejores del mundo (what the FFF^CK wazZAT? I'll tell you: “hot chicks on the runways of the best cities in the world," baby), or like, checkin out some like Impressionist or Surrealist or whatever OTHER "-ist" paintings there are out there, OR doin my main thing, which is Literature, and readin some SUPER-inspiring poetic sh^t about the beauty of life, and the intricacies n’ ironies of human nature, and the glory and greatness of love. That’s just the kind of stuff that I groove on, as you most likely now see...

Though, when I DO kick back in my chair and click on the browser, I immediately get down to work with what I do here, looking through sets of pictures and collecting the ones that got the colors and shapes and styles that just SPEAK to me. I set aside as many as I can find, and THEN switch from passive mode into creative mode and become “The Fashioniste,” a MALE fashionista, yeah okay, that's the simple primary definition you can assume, but I am a “Fashioniste” really because I am fashioning a muthaf^ckin BRIDGE—worldwide, you know—to convey the LIGHT of ALL these forms of beauty to YOU (and you and you). I'm here to spread that creativity and that lovey-dovey state of mind, to USE the works of these artists, who lived their lives to GIVE anyone and everyone the knowledge that no matter how you feel, you're not alone in that. And that's f^ckin REAL........

Now again, when I talk about colors and shapes and styles, maybe you still, understandably, think that I’m JUST referrin just to the sexy and stunningly gorgeous runway stuff I’ve been showcasing for ya, over past few months. But YO, with this whole new, more ALL-ENCOMPASSING multi-form concept I got goin, I am ALSO referring to the painted works of ART I’m showin you, ANNND the beautifully shaped and designed THOUGHTS and INSIGHTS (from funny to ironic to reflective) of so many great authors and poets from ALL over the world, through ALL of history (and plenty of painters and designers and others have said lotsa brilliant sh^t, too, so I definitely gotta include THEM as well). Thus the unity of Art, a global village unto itself, is revealed, and I'm accessing THIS global village, via the information super-muthaf^ckin-highway, to reach out to anybody who can feel this.

So yeah, to get back to my main thing? Love is the experience of beauty. And I put my TIME and my LOVE into this Web-Museum/Web-Library to do whatever I can to keep my SELF—and any and all of YOU—feeling as IN love as possible, as CONTINUOUSLY as possible! :-O WHUUUT!!! But yeah, I ain't jokin about that! This is my enthusiastic contribution to YOU bein in that state of being, that state of mind, and heart, and soul. Cuz beauty is my drug, and the goal of MY life? To get as high as I muthaf^ckin’ can, as continuously as IIII can. And there are SO MANY great artists and designers, and writers and musicians and others, such a variety of stuff from over SO many years. These awesome, brave, and talented individuals have created a thousand times MORE than enough stimuli to match whatever feeling YOU or I have at any given moment, no matter what…. THAT'S the purpose of Art! To rescue you from boredom, from anger, from destruction of others OR of yourself. It's about self-actualization, not this sort of self-ABNEGATION that people tend to fall into whenever they're left in their own idleness. Now THINK about that sh^t for a second; it’s true! And even if you’re like “Wha? I don't get it, ” then I’m gonna let you SEE what I mean, cuz you gotta know that WE are the inheritors of all the ages that have preceded us, and THIS is our time to reflect that glory, and shine in our own right. This is the time, this is the place!

So I wanna say THANKS for stoppin by, and I hope you enjoy all this! IIII think it’s f^ckin unique, but even if it isn’t, that’s all right. I’m not tryin to be smart OR original. I’m just bein me and doin what I like, and that’s all I’d want you or anyone else to ever do. So enjoy! And drop me a line if you have anything ya wanna tell me!

~The Fashioniste~
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