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Valentine's Day! Part 1
(of an as-yet undetermined series...)
Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. As loving comes from looking, so we may say that two hearts not only BEAT as one, but SEE as one.
Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses? Why not get some rose-colored FRAMES, too? Let's go ALL OUT with the lovey-doveyness...
You know, in the war of love, a woman’s weapon is not Sex, as many would believe.
In the war of love, a woman’s weapon...is Beauty.
Roses are red.
Enough said.
Ah yes, EVERY day can be Valentine's Day...

~*~Zelyaeva pour Garavani ~ Valentina for Valentino~*~
Ogni giorno può essere Il Giorno del San Valentine.

"Il Giorno del San Valentine è un tempo eccellente ricordare a tutta la gente speciale nella vostra vita che amate!" (Translation later... in the meantime, I just like the sound of the Italian.)
Whoa, she looks about 23...FEET TALL!!! Maybe even 230! And she's flattening out all those painstakingly parallel-parked cars!! OH, that DOES IT!!--
"All right amigo, let's GET that rampaging rubia!" (Spanish for blondie, baby!) Go to it, guys!
Somethin' tells me she ain't about to get stood up- And as you can see here, supermodels...have super powers (uh, DUHHH)
The three-part evolution of red seduction-wear. I believe "red" is short for "reddy" (NNNICE!)
She's already red EVERYTHING, you see—
Tulips...how lovely...
Don't let THESE guys steal ALL the attention... (snnnnnniff! DAMN that's sweet!)
And now the translation: Valentino's Day is an excellent time to remember all the special people in your life whom you love. And apparently THIS guy is not lacking in THAT regard... PSHHH....
But here's a guy who just can't get a break... Our favorite shoe salesman, Al Bundy! (LOL, YES!)
In the Canterbury Tales (about as vulgar as "Married w/Children"),
Chaunticleer the rooster tells Pertelote the hen:
For there is truth in "In principio,
Mulier est hominis confusio"—
Madam, the meaning of this Latin is:
Woman is man's delight and all his bliss.
"In principio" means "In the beginning," but the joke is that "Mulier est hominis confusio" ACTUALLY means: "Woman is the downfall (or ruin) of man..." I guess the more things change...well, you know.
"That is the thankless position of the father in the family—the provider for all, and the enemy of all."
-August Strindberg
Really though—let's get back to REAL Love...
"By all means, get married: if you get a good wife you'll be happy;
if not, you'll become a philosopher." -Socrates (really? yeah!)
Pictured above: Silver-screen siren Ava Gardner and Auguste Rodin’s sculpture “The Thinker.”
Fun Facts: -> Ava Gardner married and divorced three separate times; the third and last time was when she was left by Frank Sinatra for her alleged, though highly rumored, lesbian affairs with other actresses.
->As for Auguste Rodin, he went back in forth in love for two different younger women, one a seamstress and the other a sculptor and model for his work; he never married either.
->As the saying goes: "Two’s company, three’s a crowd." Or, to go a step further:
"Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same." -Oscar Wilde (but of course.)
Well, what did you expect?
YEAH!!!!! I'm already working on like the next five picture sets. What can I say, I am a tremendous romantic. Don Quixote ain't got NUTHIN' on me, SERIOUSLY......... Now watch a few
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