Valentine's Pix - Part 2
Quite a treat...
Wouldn't you agree?
Wake up and Chanel the roses, honey.
"Thought should be lofty, thought should be deep."
Beautiful in each and every incidental re-sizing!
¡ Que Romántica !
The hottest actress of all time...schoolin' the ladies. You know.
From peach to pink... Hmm, she appears to be carrying not 1, and not 2, but 3 dozen roses. What could this mean? Here's the answer, from Victor Hugo: "A woman who has 1 lover is an angel, a woman who has 2 lovers is a monster, and a woman who has 3 of them is--a woman." And there's a Russian proverbs that says "A woman talks to one man, looks at another, and thinks of yet another." Tough break! (but for who...?)
The wind may be strong, but the gal on the right could really take a cue from the one on the left.
How does a woman look THAT slick? Ssssso well done.
Obviously it makes no sense to put DOLLS on a page that is mainly about MODELS... I mean, dolls are unrealistically tall and skinny and wear insanely glamorous and gorgeous outfits, while models are like...human? YEAH! But they're nice to put with all this other pretty-lookin' stuff, no?
Now...these shoes would complete the outfit even BETTER, but I understand the constraints of preparing an original runway collection...but hey, that doesn't mean that the wise consumer can't just go to Zappo's and toss those open-toe floral-print Sergio Rossi kicks into her shopping cart and proceed straight to checkout, y'know??
LOL. This is like the artist looking at the painting she has just finished, and then some society woman seeing the painting for the first time at the opening of the exhibition. (And in case you were you wondering, yes, that is the same model.)
Love Conquers...ALL!!!!!
Was it merely the dream of a young woman like this?
Or maybe she was just dreaming of this kinda stuff. At exactly what point does this become a cause for alarm? That li'l figurine on the left is made of platinum and diamonds and actually sold for $100,000. That's like "Hello Kitty, So long, Sanity! ha-HAAA!" (whatever)
Oh sh^t...who gave her the keys to that thing?! I uh...think we're in trouble.
~ "The Life of a Young Woman" : A 3-Painting Vignette ~

~Behold: The Rapture of Love~
Yes, I believe this is one of theeee more shocking discoveries I have made yet. Take a look:
annnd then, this:
The advertisement followed the original painting by just over one hundred years.
Now, the question is whether it was done deliberately by the photographer... or if the same woman, existing as she does in the netherworld of art, had just re-appeared out of her own will...?
Perhaps I should just leave the questioning to the poets. Yes—
"How did it happen that their lips came together?
How does it happen that birds sing, that snow melts, that the rose unfolds,
that the dawn whitens behind the stark shapes of trees
on the quivering summit of the hill?
A kiss,
and all was said."
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