Valentine's Pix - Part 3
Enjoy each of these
Paired up by none other than The Fashioniste, Matchmaker Extraordinaire ;->
Here are two individuals who have no problem putting on the finesse... And if I may draw your attention to their neckwear, you will surely note it for its superb uniqueness in both cases:
Ready for the soirée? Somebody please bring this fine couple two glasses of the finest champagne—
and right away.
HERE we go--on the left, we have the rugged adventure-loving guy who's writing a book about it, and then we have the deliberately disheveled *artísta* who sparks his imagination n' sh^t--
The renowned young writer, impeccably dressed par usual, and his woman, at once a moving visual artist, and a moving work of visual art without compare. Here they are, on their way to the theatre...
Wonderful juxtapostion of black and white. So cool...
Always a bride's--ahem, excusez-moi: "Toujours une demoiselle d'honneur, jamais une mariée." Hélas!
Absolument Époustouflant | Absolutely SSSSTUNNING
Can you deny it? Pouvez-vous le nier??? SERIOUSLY.
Ah, yes...
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