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“A Lovely-Smelling Theme...”
The pictures do the talking here, so scroll down slowly!
And don't worry, all the information is at the end. ;)

~ Posted Friday, November 27 @ 8 PM ~
The theme here, of course, was pictures of women with one armpit angled toward the camera.

Yup, scroll back up and get a second look ;D and if you happen to be a marketing executive at a deodorant company and want to use any of those pictures, OR if you're just interested in knowing who's who, here's the info! —>

1. A model in a fruit-printed halter-dress, on the cover of the January 1, 1940 issue of US Vogue.
2. American model Erin Wasson at the Alexander McQueen, Spring 2004 runway show.
3. Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista on the cover of German Vogue, April 1995.
4. American actress, singer, and model Marilyn Monroe in February 1956.
5. Italian singer Sabrina Salerno, from the scandalous video for her hit single “Boys,” 1987. (I’ll give you the link to the highest-quality upload on YouTube in just a moment.) You would be absolutely right to assume that I had to summon my entire knowledge of Fine Art, and of composition, form, and perspective, in order to create those two animated gifs. (They were made using the website gickr.com.)
6. Colorized picture of Marilyn from the same photo session as the other picture.

This update is not yet completed, but I did want to present this part of it, since I am so very pleased with how it looks, and I hope you like it as well (are you distracted by what you see above this? then scroll down a little more! or not). The rest of it will be posted very soon. I’ve spent much of the past month gathering new material, as well as working on some other projects which I will be linking from here at some time over the next week or two. I am teaching myself how to do all these Internetic things, so there is a sort of learning curve, but really, I have a certain level of appreciation for many types of curves...AS IF YOU COULDN'T TELL!! XDDD Well, you’ll get to see what everything is all about, and in the meantime, Enjoy... (and trust me when I say that THIS was one of the reasons that YouTube introduced High Quality) ->

Thank you!
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