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SPRING/SUMMER '07 - Part 1
~Some Candid Stuff, Close-ups, and Some Wilder Stuff~
Chanel – Two guys hanging out at a club, talkin'... "Uhh, dude? this place totally sucks." "HHHHOLY SH--" "What? What??" "Check dat OUT...!!" "Oh my God! Dude. I KNEW this place would be awesome--I was just SAYIN' THAT! Let ME go talk to 'er." Haha... Anyway, with outfits like this, it's NO WONDER everybody got the Chanel logo on their friggin' website. Behold, the globalization of luxury... Oui.
Elie Saab - The jacket is ideal for going to the beach and then shopping...OR, if you like, going shopping and then to the beach. That's what I call versatility!
Oscar de la Renta – A perfected balance of volume in hair and dress.
Karl Lagerfeld - I am compelled to think that Klaus Nomi would approve.
Carolina Herrera - Pink flowers! Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
Chanel - Holy sh^t, how cool can you possibly look?
Christrian Lacroix - You mind telling me what band these guys are in?? LOL!! But seriously...?
Blumarine – Is this their manager? SOOO Awesome.
Bill Blass - Ooh--newly tanned and ready for work. And here's ONE majestic beauty....
Antonio Berardi - What a use of fabric… Extraordinary!
Blumarine - Listen up. If you have no reactions to this chick, it’s not a question of sexual orientation; it's a question of EYESIGHT.
Etro - A style so recognizable!
Luella - Top-notch British design house. Phenomenal!!!
One of the many awesome types of retro-'80s looks. Gotta love the reflection.
Thank you, Ray-Ban!
A charming member of the SmartyPants Community has joined up with the SmartySkirted.
And here they are, inspiring Belstaff (twice), as well as Michael Kors and Christian Lacroix...
Emporio Armani - Nouveau Riche Rockabilly. Bad-ass.
Is the runway a ‘Restricted Area’ (as the sign says)? Oh…I don't think so.

Alessandro Dell'acqua - Times Square 1984. Mid-July, 2 AM. This is what we workin’ with? All right, let’s do this

Danielle Scutt - Oh boy…watch out. Don't open your wallet or you are GONE!!!! :-o

Chanel - Gold hotpants, huh. Ok…ok… This is FASHION, people... What do you want??

Jil Sander, Fendi, Balenciaga (x 3), Lanvin, JP Gaultier, Lanvin - Um... Did they all get a memo to do make one or two outfits outta that stuff...? Looks good!
Fendi - Booty is in the eye of the beholder...
Costume National - How you gonna make a whole dress out of a lipstick color??? Well, there it is...!
La Perla - Yeah, you might notice that the same models keep showing up here... Well that's simply because the DESIGNERS choose the same awesome ones to model their best pieces! Or if you wanna explain it another way, you could even say it's all the Lord Himself, makin' these girls as beautiful as they are. (What more can I say?)
Jean Paul Gaultier Retrospective - She's still trying to figure out what she has on...awesome!!
Balenciaga backstage - Hey, what are you looking at? And YOU too?? Do you think this picture was posed by the photographer, or by the girls themselves? Maybe both. It remains a mystery.

The Grand Finale - Chanel - A dress encrusted with a week's worth of prescriptions, apparently. Hey, ya gotta figure she’ll be looking in the mirror often enough that it’ll be impossible for her to forget to take ‘em at the right time (HA!!). Whatever. Looks as if a wily pharmacist went from making mischief in the apothecary, to making dresses in an atelier. But it makes sense, doesn't it? I mean, a $16,000 Chanel dress? Sounds like JUST what the doctor ordered... Better get working, gurlz...

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