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~ Twelve Style-Alikes! ~
Etymologizing the Language of Fashion and
Revealing the Creative Subconscious!
~ One ~
Cinderella herself from the 1950 animated American film (color adjusted by me), and
American model Michelle Buswell at Christian Dior, Fall 2005 Haute Couture.
* ~ * ~ *
~ Two ~
Model from Vogue magazine, August 1, 1962, and Canadian model Coco Rocha for Nicole Farhi, Fall 2008.
* ~ * ~ *
~ Three! ~
An ad for Cosmydor soap ("Sold everywhere") by Jules Chéret, 1891, & the cover of Vogue UK, August 1988.
* ~ * ~ *
~ Four ~
Photo magazine, Italian edition, from June 1997, and then a model in Galliano, from US Vogue, July 2007.
Nice make-up--and necklaces, too!!!
~ Five ~
Chanel ad from US Vogue, May 1990, featuring Claudia Schiffer, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld.
But really, does a Chief Designer really ever get THIS involved with the process...?
The answer...is a definite yes. On the right is Coco Chanel herself, perfecting a shoulder as an assistant looks on.
And the picture appears to be the direct inspiration for that advertisement. Is that model looking at the new ad? :o
~ Six ~
And now feast your eyes on this: 1950s American pin-up Jayne Mansfield, and 1990s American pin-up Anna Nicole Smith.
Visually nutritious, eh?
~ Seven ~
This is just a starting-point for this lookalike, since I realize this is clearly a remake: the tank top, the pearls, the camellia flower, the chain belt, the black leather cuff... First, on the cover of Vogue Italia, May 1992, and then Vogue Paris, March 2009.
Dutch model Karen Mulder, on the cover of US Vogue, August 1991,
and some actress apparently named Jenny something (I don't know).
On the right: Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana, photographed by Terry Richardson for Numéro magazine, issue # 70.
She is wearing an outfit from the Chanel, Spring 2006 Ready-to-Wear collection, with a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball cap and extremely heavy lip-liner and eyeliner. Truly one of the most daring looks ever... EVER!!!
Palms trees -- proof of authenti[City of Angels].
Probablemente el conjunto más impresionante que he visto nunca.
Probably the most awesome outfit I have ever seen.
* ~ * ~ *
~ Eight ~
~ ♦ The Diamond-Water Paradox ♦ ~
Linda Evangelista, from Vogue Italia, September 1988, and then a most miraculous faucet that is literally “dripping with diamonds”--presumably for those with a thirst for luxury--from US Vogue, October 1, 1963.
The paradox of value, also known as the diamond-water paradox, is the apparent contradiction that although water is more useful, in terms of survival, than diamonds, diamonds nevertheless command a higher price in the marketplace. The 18th-century Scottish economist Adam Smith is considered to be the classic presenter of the paradox, and though it has been said (in Encyclopedia Britannica) that he was unable to “solve” the paradox, it is doubtful than any other man will ever fully solve it, either. <:o
NOW... What would it look like if you “washed” your hands under such a faucet, hmm?
Something like THIS:
Ever lose a ring down the drain of the sink? Not a worry anymore!!! XD
Face wash with 24-carat exfoliating crystals?
(Okay, maybe that's a bit too far.)
Four different lightings:
~ ~


~ ~

~ ~
LVE IT!!!!
♦ Thank you... ♦
~ TheFashioniste ~
~ ~
~ Nine ~
~ Danny Phantom! ~
Once again, I let the pictures do the talking... ;D
~ This is not merely a Style-Alike, but a HAIR Style-Alike ~
Cartoon star Danny Phantom, as seen in the title card for his show, which lasted 3 seasons from 2004 to 2007, and on the right is Brazilian model Caroline Trentini at Anna Sui, Spring 2008.


British model Agyness Deyn at Anna Sui, Spring 2008.



Let's see another character, shall we?
That's Danny's sister, Jazz Fenton, showing more than a slight resemblance to...
Canadian model Heather Marks at Jean-Paul Gaultier, Fall 2005 Ready-to-Wear.


Nice eyes... Nice eyebrows! |:)
1930s American film and vaudeville actress Joan Blondell.
* ~ * ~ *
~ Ten ~
~ Kate Moss & Gene Tierney ~
Posted November 18 at 1:30 PM (EST) - Enjoy!
British model Kate Moss on the September 2000 issue of British Vogue, and
an intriguing resemblance from American film-noir actress Gene Tierney, circa 1945.
* ~ * ~ *
Oh, and this?
This is just...something else...









You know...I'll let others create visual innuendo through the use of Photoshop,
but as for ME? All I do is grab couple of nice pictures n' put 'em side by side. :-| XD
* ~ * ~ *
Now I REALLY had to rev up the colors for this one.
How HOT is hot pink? Mmmmmm, pretty hot...I say.
Okay, now you might think I just got lazy and decided to repeat the same pair I used at the beginning, but check THIS out>> First, you will scroll back UP to the yellow-and-pink pair, and make sure you get the pair fully in your browser window. THEN, click right right below the vertical scroll-bar rectangle (on the right side of your browser), and then click above it, and then below it again, and again and again and again... Just do that and you'll see what I mean. (HINT! - It changes colors. Yes, that's the whole "trick." Needless to say, I assume that you're as easily amused as I am. And it DOES work a bit better in Firefox than in Explorer.)
* ~ * ~ *
And what's THIS? Overexposed, you say??
OH NO!!!
NOTE: Highlight these two pictures as though were about to copy and paste them, and you can make them look either super "icy" in Firefox, OR put them "behind a screen-door," in Explorer. Try it! :D But I digress...
* ~ * ~ *
Ah, now here we go--
* ~ * ~ *
That's all for now... But just highlight this thing, too >>


Thank you.

More soon...


~ The Fashioniste ~





And I'll be sure

...to let you know.




* ~ * ~ *
~ Eleven ~
~ From Dunaway to Dior ~
Featuring outlaws...as portrayed by Hollywood celebrities >:^o
Above: Canadian model Jessica Stam for Dior Ready-to-Wear, Spring 2008, and
American actress Faye Dunaway and actor Warren Beatty as "Bonnie and Clyde" (1967).

Legend has it that Ms. Dunaway had actually worked with the costume designer and was responsible for putting together this particular outfit. Not too bad, considering it remains one of the most iconic looks of modern film!
And in case you were wondering, those metal rings in the Dior beret are known as grommets.



A useful study in lip shape. And shade.
And note the left sides of the hair. Oh, and the right eyebrows too. (There's a lot!!)
Another coloring... The berets are about the same now.
So there you have it.
~ Twelve ~
This one is 3 parts!
~ YES, Grow Them Out! ~
A mini-update all about bangs, known as a "fringe" in the UK
~ Part 1 ~


Belarusian model Marina Linchuk at Dior Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear, and a portrait detail of
Japanese singer Seri Ishikawa from the cover of her 1985 single, "Mr. Frottage Hunts for Monsters."



The 1st is my favorite... but so is the 3rd (and the original is pretty awesome too!!).
~ * ~
~ * ~ * ~
~ Part 2 ~
Canadian model Coco Rocha at Jean-Paul Gaultier, Fall 2008 Haute Couture.
And just how much of a comeback is that hairstyle making? Well, here it is on the cover of one magazine...
(Alta Costura is Spanish for Haute Couture, which is French for High Sewing or High Seam!)
If was already difficult enough to find obscure, foreign-language records, and now that so many record-store franchises have closed down, where can you look?? Oh yeuh, that thing called the Internet. <:-|
Note how well the green complements the lip color--and the peering eyes almost look a little green, too!



~ Part 3 ~
French model Morgane Dubled at Jean-Paul Gaultier, Fall 2008 Haute Couture.
Quite a natural resemblance, isn't there? The eyes, the nose, and the lips--not bad! :D


~ Thank you ~
And if you want to hear the song...


Here it is! :^D
Seri Ishikawa - "Mr. Frottage Hunts for Monsters" (1985)
石川セリ - "フロッタージュ氏の怪物狩り"

Uploaded to YouTube by 'Y2EVB4JE' - who has told me that the song's unusual subject is "mysterious" indeed...
Very awesome channel--tons of Japanese New Wave tracks from the '80s! Subscribe to it if you like! :^D
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