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...maybe because I'm the ONLY Art-Fashion-and-Literature Synthesist of Our Time :-D
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Celebrating the 2nd Year of ~TheFashioniste.com~! :^D
(I'll just let the pictures do the talking--quite an evening on the town!)
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- Part 2 -






- Part 3 -
Ah yes...
Here's to the few hundred "Style-Alikes" I've posted--and to the hundreds MORE I'll be posting in the coming year! :
~ Thank you ~

- A Mini-Encore... -
~ * ~ * ~
There is much to look forward to, and it's gonna be more creative and more surprising than ever before! :^D
And again, Thank you.
~The Fashioniste! ~

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of that nature, let me know if you'd like to exchange links!)
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