~ Anglo-Sino Cross-Stylization ~ :^D
That is, English-Chinese Inter-Pollination. Though actually it's just one way in this case...
Enjoy! ~ The Fashioniste ~
Overview of what this is: Okay, here are some stills from the 1941 film, The Shanghai Gesture, starring American actresses Gene Tierney and Ona Munson (pictured above). This uniquely Far Eastern film noir classic was nominated for Best Art Direction, but it was also apparently honored over 60 years later by the British designer Gareth Pugh in his debut runway collection in Fall 2006, of which a few of the 12 presented looks appear to have been very much influenced by the Shanghai “dragon-lady” casino owner, Gin Sling (you know, like "ginseng," the Chinese perennial herb? yes, very clever), played most diabolically by Munson. Now, I don't think we can overlook the fact that she is a casino owner--described in one review as a gambling queen--and the fact that Shanghai is today the center of the Chinese Stock Exchange, in much the same way that New York (Wall $treet, aka Re¢ession Boulevard) is the American one. Oh, and in England? It's London...which just so happens to be the same city that gave us Mr. Gareth Pugh, the young designer who gambled his very career on creating outfits like that one, and yes, just two years later, this past week, he made his debut in Paris, which is also the home of Euronext--that is, the €uropean Stock Exchange.
(Got all of that? Good. An investment in learning always pays off.)
ENJOY. . .
Note the widow’s peak hairline of both women… In a minor coincidence, the Wikipedia article on “widow’s peak” is only in just a few other languages, one of which is Chinese, in which it is referred to as a “beauty tip” (美人尖) — a beauty tip!
How about that!


Okay, now here's where things get REALLY freakin' weird.....



Okay, yeah, that's pretty entertaining//// :PPPPPPPPPPP






~ Thank you ~
I would just like to be responsible and say that I do not condone smoking,
and am myself an acapnotic misocapnist.
(That is, a non-smoking non-lover of smoke; kapnos is Ancient Greek.)

But anyway,
the Wikipedia article on film noir is very, VERY good:
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~ Lovergirl...Covergirl ~
~ Lavender...Scavenger?! ~

One of the many definitions of "scavenger" is "someone who searches through rubbish for useful material." And in keeping with that, I ask, Who else would have much of an interest in a fashion magazine from 6 years ago and trendy dance record from the late '80s? LATE '80s?
YEAH, LATE '80s.
You may think, "Okay, so each picture is a close-up portrait of a brunette with a lavender face. Is that all?"



But here it is: the connection, if there is to be one...
And take note that "Amour" is, of course, the French word for "Love."






To the left: Russian model Natalia Vodianova on the cover of April 2002 edition of Numéro magazine,
and to the right: the Italo-Disco singer Helen, on the cover of her 1989 hit single (link provided below).
~ Thank you! ~
More VERY obscure ones coming up! :^D In the meantime, here's the song:
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~ Plaid Pants (US English) ~
~ Tartan Trousers (UK English) ~
~ Pantalon à Carreaux (Fashion English :D) ~
And now something with a bit more to it...
Namely, the legendary French film actress Brigitte Bardot, in a publicity still from the mid-1960s.
And? A couple pairs of plaid pants(hey!) in this Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2008 ad, featuring (from left to right)
British model Lily Donaldson, Brazilian model Caroline Trentini, and Canadian model Jessica Stam.
The 18th-century French writer Nicolas de Chamfort once observed that:
“Narrow waists and narrow minds go together.”
Obviously he was referring to the waists of the women and the minds of the men looking on. (uh, DUH)
"Why didn't you tell me she was wearing those pants??"
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~ A Man of Marble and a Runway Model ~
>> Just one caption at the beginning, and in the rest of it, I let the images do the talking! <<
Michelangelo's David, made from Carrara marble--the best kind, from the Italian city of the same name--was sculpted from 1501 to 1504 (504 years ago!). I have here juxtaposed it with American model Guinevere Van Seenus, from Alexander McQueen's Fall 2008 show.
And you'll notice the "hearts" in his eyes--just another example of the great artist's unbelievable attention to detail.
SCROLL SLOWLY and Enjoy...











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