Many Variations on an ABBA video- Enjoy!! :^D
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Note - GIVE THE PAGE A FEW SECONDS TO FULLY LOAD! :D The 'gickr' logo is from the site I used for making some gifs, and this may be "just" a variation on a couple images, but it's just the beginning...
~ Section 1 ~
Making an observation...
Perfecting the art of the 'swwwwish!' :^D
Yup, that's it... Right there.
Just editing the two pictures of those models to match the non-high-quality YouTube resolution.
Middle: Singer Anni-Frid Lyngstad, one of the two lead vocalists of the Scandinavian supergroup ABBA;
left and right: Russian model Eugenia Volodina and American model Hilary Rhoda at Gaultier Couture, Fall 2006.
~ Section 2 ~
(((–> Now for Some Other Effects! <–)))
I'm pretending I just learned how to develop a photograph here.
Here are some samples, fresh from the virtual darkroom...
Work it, work it, yeah that's it, that's it---
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