Fall/Winter ’05 – Part 2
~Some Candid Stuff, Close-ups, and Some Wilder Stuff~
Dior Girls - Accept no substitutes.
"'Ey! Have my drink ready when I come back! -- I’ll be just a minute!”
  “(grumble)...better be makin' my drink…”
DSquared - PA-HARRRRTY! LLLovely! Na Zdarovye! That's "Cheers" in Russian (which they are).
Well apparently she got HERS...oh HELL yeah--

"EXTRY! EXTRY! Read all about it! --

"High fashion’s pricey, but ya can’t live without it!" "Aye-Aye, Cap'n." "GOAL!!!!" (for Galliano)
This is really funny, since when a GUY does this, he’s normally holding the newspaper in FRONT of his face, LOL!! (News Flash: That wasn’t THAT funny.)
GANGSTA FLAPPERS (...lookin’ like they about to lay the SSSSMACK down on some unsuspecting chump -- Just sizin’ him up from the corner of the bar, mm-hmm…)
  Viktor & Rolf - Show some leg, babe--works evvvvvery tiiiime…  
Lobster-red lips tastefully match the couture-grade signed silk bib - Bon appétit, indeed.
"You're on in 4, 3, 2..."
I know THIS much is true: he's gotta be like the last SERIOUS Spandau Ballet fan out there. Superb.
Some Faces-- "First off, are ya ready for your close-up?"
"DON'T give me that bullsh^t…" (Dolce & Gabbana)
  Heavens Above! by Alessandro Dell'acqua
Christian Lacroix - SoOoOooOo DREAMY...
Balenciaga - What conviction!
Dark fairy-tale girl, courtesy of J.-P. Gaultier
Fendi - How FABULOUS can you possibly LOOK!
  Dries van Noten - Deciding whether to have the last Eggo waffle...we've all been there.
Lanvin - Prettiest girl in the whole school, the whole town, and now, the whole show. :D WuzZuP, SOciEtY... You’ve DONE IT again!
DSquared - Once again, it's Brunette vs. Blonde in the grudge match of the season!!
“Louise, there you are--I just wanted to ask you something. Did you--"
"Ok, sorry!"
~Some Wilder Stuff~
Belstaff - Boldly inspired by a late-eighties “20/20” report “Working Women of the Eastern Bloc: A Shocking Exposé.” And this is indeed an accurate depiction of their winter-time, shall we say, “uniform.” How DARE they!!! I mean, How dariNG!!!
Riccardo Tisci - What’s this, some sort of executive goth look? Emphasis on the execute. Sorry, EXTRA-cute. (And possibly psychotic. And probably about to snap. Stay away.)
Anna Sui - Screamingly day-glo '70s retro, antithetical to just about everything on the streets today.
  AF Vandervorst - The whole outfit just falls so awesomely!

Anna Molinari - Woman’s suit made of 100% real mermaid skin, including tail fin; seaweed closure; killer-whale boots. :-o (J/K, Ariel...)

Carolina Herrera - Wow, that is TIGHT! I have yet to see a dress like this in real life, OR the movies!
Jenny Packham - The reflection of the light almost looks like it's drawn on.
  Central Saint Martins - To paraphrase Samuel Johnson, is that extraneous yarn due to the omissions of idleness, or the negligence of enthusiasm? Either way, looks great!
Christian Dior - That kind ofjacket with THAT kinda dress?!? IT WORKS!!
And the combination was found in the following season twice!
Libertine Frankie Morello
Colette Dinnigan - innocence and purity (and so on and so forth). It never fails...or lasts that long.
Jessica Ogden - Her parents just let her have the car. (Yeah, we ALL KNOW already, so don’t even THINK of bragging about it, OK??)
Moschino - The atelier doubles as a bakery. Actually, one model said she wanted a gingerbread cookie, so they gave her one she could use in the show. It’s called being practical. This is a BUSINESS, PEOPLE!!!
Ashish - Probably the most vicious way of telling a model to lose weight….yeesh!

Zombification = Beautification? This is the NEW ideal, honey! Stay out of that sunlight, get out of that tanning bed, and don't even THINK of opening that bottle of bronzer. And, um--did you say the DEVIL wears Prada? This is more like “Night of the Living...Dolls.” So GET. USED TO IT.

Tsumori Chisato - Okay fine, if you want something like a Hooters waitress, then go ahead--check out their new uniforms--less revealing and more LITERAL. Now go enjoy your buffalo wings, SIR.
~A few of the top designers out there~
Stefano Pilati of Yves Saint Laurent - When can a man really be called elegant? Right now!
Kaiser Karl - "It would be a terrible thing if a woman were not an object of desire, no?"
Dean & Dan Caten of DSquared - “Making a girl…ACTUALLY making a girl…” (Weird Science! Oooh!) Hey, that's what all these designers do! That's an easy way to make living...