~ Style-Alikes #1 - 5 ~
"We thought everyone knew...a lady's not dressed unless her legs are too."
She's wearing TWO pairs of fishnets. . . Relax, ladies.
An ad for stockings for Vogue, July 1956, and Lithuanian model Svetlana Lazareva at Betsey Johnson, Fall 2008.
French model Leah De Wavrin at Hussein Chalayan, Spring 2007, and the cover of Vogue, April 15, 1942.


Yes, this is censored o_O. And now the designer himself about this particular collection: "I was looking at different shapes throughout the eras, and I wanted to somehow demonstrate a change, and ultimately I would like to produce clothes with some kind of technology company... I think these are almost prototypes for the ideas for the future for me... The idea that something could also change [for an] occasion was very exciting to me, and I thought it would be amazing if in the future we'd be able to have clothing that could change form depending on the occasion."
If you focus on her face, does it not look like she's holding a plastic version of a Star Wars lightsaber?
Futuristic indeed, this designer is.
(<--I did not just write that, I swear)
Video link -- the dress is at 1:57 -
You are... GOLD!
From Vogue, June '81 and then Canadian model Daria Werbowy (pr. "Ver-bo-vee") at Hermès, Fall 2007.
~ Scroll slowly and enjoy this golden vignette... ~
Amazing... Thank you.
>> A Tribute to
Honey-Blonde Curly Hair! >>
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Above: You'll find out later. Below: Russian model Natasha Poly in Japanese Vogue, December 2007.
(Before anyone asks, I'll definitely do some research and find out who designed that dress.
And I do like the contrast with the negative space here.)
Brazilian model Caroline Trentini on Brazilian Vogue. (Note - it appears to say January, but is that really a winter outfit she's wearing? In Brazil, yes.)
Daria Werbowy, Gisele Bundchen, and Kate Moss in a Gloria Vanderbilt ad, 2005.
And the other... Stunning!
The only freeze-frame I could get from the TV spot (apparently there was one) --
Dutch model Doutzen Kroes in French Elle, November 2007.
And this. . . is a matter of chastity. . .
Czech model Eva Herzigova in the French edition of Photo magazine, July-August 2004.
Brazilian model Caroline Trentini at Dolce & Gabbana, Fall 2007.
On the left is American model Stephanie Seymour in British Vogue, October 1987, and
on the right is Russian model Sasha Pivovarova at at Dolce & Gabbana, Fall 2007.
Totally awesome. On the right: Canadian model Coco Rocha at Dolce & Gabbana, Fall 2007.
"The only chaste woman is the one who was NEVER chased."
-Spanish proverb (Yes, get on with it)



American actress Traci Lords, 1987.
~ Orange! ~
~ Part 1 ~





Above: “Flaming June" by English painter Frederick Leighton, c. 1895, and
Dutch model Rianne Ten Haken at Christian Lacroix Couture Spring 2005.
Apparently someone held on to that dress and gave it to Lacroix, who cut it a little lower, and there ya go! :^D
A very modern form of transportation for its time.
These pictures are all from the March 1963 issue of Harper's Bazaar.
~ Part 2 ~
Look at how amazingly the fabric folds and falls and, most of all, flowssss...
Dutch model Freja Beha Erichsen in Harper's Bazaar, February 2008.
Above right: A model in the French magazine L'Officiel, March 2008. That dress is by Lanvin, though I don't know if the other one modeled above is... Anyway, that is a very good picture taken at a very careful angel! These are clearly professionals. Officiel professionnelles...(something like that).
Wait a minute--what is she dreaming of? --





Ah yes - she must be dreaming about how she wants to get the top of her own dress lowered as well.
Quite risqué if you ask me, but we can already see the right way for it to be done, right here--and note how the sash wraps around her arms... How beautiful is that?!??
Wow... All right, thank you! :^D More soon...
>> Yes, More Soon! :^D <<
This dancing girl is from a video entitled "Fashions of the 1920's" -- it's on YouTube and I'll provide the link afterward... Enjoy and
American model Angel Lindvall at Chanel Couture, Spring 2007.

Dutch model Kim Noorda.

~ * ~ Sparkling ! ~ * ~
Watch it change......
And now...
~ DANCING!!!!!! ~
Brazilian model Raquel Zimmermann.
~> OK... This is crazy... Follow the "storyline" ~>
American model Hilary Rhoda.




~ The End...? ~
And of course, I have to say --
Think of me as a *choreographic* designer...
To be continued--with more Chanel models!
And here is the link to the video, "Fashions of the 1920's" -- the dancing girl is at 1:45 --
A couple songs I love, with similarly simple gifs:
Clio - "Eyes" (1984)

Maxido - "Touch Me Marinero" (1984)
(The graphic starts 00:43 - yeah whatever, you're probably already watching it)
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