Some of the fashionable ladies in these pictures have gone after that Barbie look not just through make-up and styling, but through plastic surgery as well. I won't tell who, but some of them have indeed had face lift surgery
to get that realistic Barbie doll look...
~*~* Fashion Dolls! *~*~
„Ich bin keine Barbie-Puppe.”
"I am not a Barbie doll."
-Claudia Schiffer, 1998
("Claudia with Doll" by Ellen von Unwerth, 1994.)
The German Wikiquote site where I found the above declaration refers to her as a "deutsches Mannequin und Fotomodell"--that is, a “German mannequin and photo model.” And even though in English, the general public only uses the word mannequin to refer to a clothes-wearing "dummy," the fashion industry still uses the word in reference to actual models, who certainly excel within their own field beyond what most people do in any field, and are, in that sense, smarter than I could possibly be, for, as Oscar Wilde said:
"Beauty is a form of Genius – is higher, indeed, than Genius, as it needs no explanation.”
So she's no Barbie doll. All right, but why would she say that? Maybe because she has her own!!
I thought of making this a "Best Of" Barbie Special, since I've shown SO MANY Barbie lookalikes in different galleries. But then I thought, Why do THAT when there are so many MORE examples out there, just WAITING to be shared?? Ah yes, it is true, as the poet Percy Shelley once said, that "Nothing wilts faster than laurels that have been rested upon." So here's a bunch of new pics and observations and complete info on each! :DD Enjoy!!
Cosmo magazine, 1990, and the April 2001 issue of Barbie Bazaar. Hmm...
And here with a model from Chanel Couture, Spring 2005.
Note the ribbon in the hair of Girls 1 and 3, and the black woven collar on 2 and 3...
And here's another amazing pair--a timeless design!
Barbie Bazaar, April 1999, and Brazilian model Raquel Zimmermann at Dior, Fall 2007 Ready-to-Wear.
And here with American actress Joan Collins from Part 1 of the 1984 mini-series, "Sins."
OK, now get ready for this one, you're not gonna believe it...
German singer Nina Hagen, in a special called "On the History of German Rock " from 1983...
...and Canadian model Jessica Stam in the Fall 2007 ad campaign for Dior. <:-O
(Yes, all in a day's work for...~The Fashioniste~! -- What can I say, I love doin' this!! xD)
In the September 1994 issue of Interview magazine, Dior designer John Galliano was asked, "Did you always want to design?" to which he replied: "You mean, like, when I was little, did I go around dressing dollies up? [No...]
I don't love dolls. I love women."
And here's the same dress, with some very different styling, worn by Romanian model Irina Lazareanu at the Dior Fall '07 Ready-to-Wear show. But the hand-on-the-waist remains a well-trusted pose, as always.
And now a real-life Barbie doll -- That dress is deceptively simple...
Check this out -- Looks like a Barbie doll juxtaposed with one of those Bratz dolls, at least to me. First is model Anna I. at Versace, Spring 2008, and then British model Lily Donaldson at Valentino, Spring 2008 Ready-to-Wear.
~Other Barbies~
First up, Argentine model Valeria Mazza.
And again.
Lily Donaldson at Dolce & Gabbana, Spring 2005.


And here's former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Jesse Jane.
Check this one out--she's lookin' up at her older sister, ha!
There has been quite a controversy in recent years over the kind of ideal image that's put forth by Barbie dolls--and now Bratz dolls are under criticism as well--and I found one particular good article about the differences
(which I link to in the References below).




Well, hey, whatever--image controversy or not, there will always be waitresses, 'cuz drinking coffee is not always enough to wake some people up; they might also need to see something to, you know...stimulate them. I don't drink coffee, but I do require to have my attention stimulated like, oh, about 100% of the time. I suppose that's why I work on this website... Well anyway, here you see Waitress Barbie, and then the cover of Vogue, from November 1, 1967.
Nice rims. No, really.
Marie Claire magazine (French), July 1939, then Dior RTW, Spring 2008, then Barbie Bazaar, July-August 1995.

"Barbie Learns to Cook" Vintage Reproduction Doll (pun intended? I'll let you decide, but yes, that's what it's called), 1965 remake for 2007, and then Czech model Eva Herzigova from Top Model magazine (Spanish), February 1996.
Now this one is just a no-brainer... Just look at the shoes! Are you kidding me??
Some businessy Barbie, and then Estonian model Carmen Kass on the cover of Vogue, August 2000.
~ Thank you ~
> I still have many more that I'm editing, and which I'll soon be adding to the gallery! <
~ References: 1 paragraph, 2 video clips, 1 interview, 1 article ~

1. The famous passage from Oscar Wilde's 1890 novel The Picture ot Dorian Gray -
Link: "Beauty is a form of Genius..."

2. Nina Hagen hosting a segment on Gefühl und Härte's "Zur Geschichte der deutschen Rockmusik" ("On the history of German Rock Music")

3. Is it a coincidence that Nina has had an influence on Galliano's work for Dior, which does draw from early-'80s make-up and hairstyles? In an interview with Russian model Sasha Pivovarova--where she is initially shown doing a photo for British Vogue, wearing, yes, a dress from Dior's Fall 2007 RTW collection--which is the same one being advertised by fellow model Jessica Stam in the picture I used above. Well anyway, in the interview, Ms, Pivovarova said of herself: "I'm also artistic. I started when I was twenty. I studied at the university, I had education. So now, when they say 'Nina Hagen,' I know who she is. When they say they want a Velasquez theme...I can do it." A Velasquez theme was used for two dresses of the Dior Fall 2007 Couture collection (of which I am still working to uncover all the artistic influences! :D). Here's the link to the interview:

4. The Galliano interview I quoted -- it's very amusing:
Link: Interview magazine, September 1994

5. Article about Barbie vs. the Bratz, The Daily Telegraph (UK), January 2007 - Here are some highlighted parts, if you don't feel like reading it:
>In the six years since then 125 million Bratz have sold worldwide, and it has become the top fashion doll in Britain. Global sales of Bratz products reached £1 billion in 2005; sales of Barbie remained higher, at £1.5 billion, but they declined by 12.8 per cent.
>In December 2005, after five years in which American Barbie sales had either declined or stagnated for all but three quarters, Mattel replaced Matthew Bousquette, who had headed the Barbie line.
>According to Sean McGowan, an industry analyst, Bratz has now captured 40 per cent of the fashion-doll market, compared with Barbie's 60 per cent. Chuck Scothon of Mattel's girls division admits, 'The competition has changed. There's no denying it.'
>Whereas Scothon likes to talk about Barbie's 'aspirational' qualities - how she might inspire 'a girl to run for president and look good while she was doing it' - Larian prefers to talk about 'fashion and fantasy' and what's 'cute'.
>With Bratz, MGA is selling the notion that divahood is something to which girls should aspire.
>Ciara is the 'spunky' twin ('cuz I'm always causing trouble'); Diona is the 'sparkly' twin ('cuz I'm in love with my own reflection').
>Tiffany says she has noticed that the Bratz dolls do not elicit the kind of imaginative role-playing she had engaged in with Barbie as a child, but rather focus the girls' minds entirely on taking the dolls' clothes off and putting them back on.
Link: "Spoilt Bratz" (3 pages)
~ 3 Different Music Videos ~
EACH one featuring some dude fallin' in love with a mannequin! (WHAAA???) Yeah!
Berlin - "Sex (I'm A...)" (1982)
This video was actually BANNED from MTV at the time--for about a thousand reasons, as you'll see (and hear!)
Warning: It is very hot and VERY steamy. Okay. Proceed.
If it doesn't play immediately, click here:
Silver Pozzoli - "From You, To Me" (1986)
If you watch the little TV set starting at 1:07, you'll see, a montage of great beauties, including, let's see, Grace Kelly, then portraits by Amadeo Modigliani, Gustav Klimt, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and then that's Sophia Loren, and then a portrait by Lucas Cranach the Elder. I consider this to be the unacknowledged precursor to the many beautiful-women montage videos on YouTube. BUSTED!! XD Well...maybe?.
If it doesn't play immediately, click here:
Starship - "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" (1987)
Made for the hit movie "Mannequin," starring Kim Cattrall and Andrew McCarthy. And!!!!
If it doesn't play immediately, click here:
The movie was actually an "unacknowledged" remake (according to Wikipedia) of the 1948 film "One Touch of Venus," starring Ava Gardner. And that movie was a remake of a Broadway musical of the same name.
And for a picture of her contemplating the original goddess of love--well, as far as WE know--see here.
And lastly here's the song "Goddess of Love" (LOL!!!! WELL DONE!) This remix is so endlessly extended that I'll probably have the new update posted by the time you're done listening to it (50 times in a row). Okay, enjoy...
This is just Part 1 --
More will be on the way soon!! <:-D
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