~Casual Autumnwear and Wintertime Elegance~
When asked to name the one big problem in fashion, Tom Ford (former designer for Gucci & YSL) said that it is how rapidly the seasons change from one to the next, causing designers to "make artificial changes" just to put out something new and different. Well, I'm here to change that by showcasing some of the awesomest outfits from seasons gone-by! This stuff truly is art work And so, without further ado-- Here is some of the very best of the Fall/Winter '05 Collections...!
Rochas - The most true-to-life autumn dress---the leaves are actually falling between the flounces!
Paul Smith Women - We have the goth chick going to work, and the innocent trick-or-treater going to school, early on Halloween day. We can only imagine how their paths may cross later that evening...
Marc Jacobs – OK, let’s get down with that whole “New York” Style for about…oh, I don’t know, a New York Minute? (OMG! CLASSIC!). Walk in Central Park on a brisk October afternoon...ahh, yes.
Stella McCartney - Okay, so it’s like, muted colors… thick woven fabric…big volumes… ultra-comfy…and yet STILL sexy and unmistakably feminine…?!? SUCCESS!
Missoni—A typical collection consists of a variation on one, two, or three basic ideas, but it’s often obvious which outfits are the center around which the other few dozen revolve. Here we see one such example of that—two good outfits, allllmost there…very nice...
and then—and then the absolute SHOW-STOPPER. POW! PERFECTED!
Roberto Cavalli - Go ahead and BE amazed. "Getting fitted for the big soirée…"
Man, he f^ckin’ BROUGHT IT!!! YOU SEE THIS?!?!??
Lagerfeld Gallery - Just stepped off the chariot…
Moschino - WOW. Definitely original. Definitely awesome. :D
And definitely bound to...raise some eyebrows...
Blumarine - Like I said, Autumn to Winter... Man, they are on the PROWL! YYYYOW!
Ralph Lauren - ”Hand me my leather.” Tuhhhotally bad-ass…and yet extremely high-class.
Proenza Schouler boot - Nice!
Versace - I'm pretty sure this is what they mean when people say “eye-popping, jaw-dropping, and uh…what was I saying? (Who cares?!)
Awesomest pair of lapels in the entire season, if not in the entire history of jackets.
Balenciaga – Ah. Here is the lieutenant-colonel and the general of the Crystal Ribbon Army. (Wait, what the hell are they doing in a fashion show? This makes no sense.)
Yeah, you were sayin’ sumthin about a dropped waistline? Whoa! That is insane…ly beautiful!
Hollywould – OH MY GAWD. You see awl dat GLITZ on da runway?? TA DIE FAW......
...aaand at the other end of the stylistic spectrum, we have: Smart, simple, and understated—Lanvin! And that’s “Laanvon,” pour all vous uncultured fainéants out there…uch. [Roll of the eyes.]
D&G - I think we have found the OTHER best jacket of the season... (obligatory wolf-whistle)
Diesel - HHHOT! And in keeping with a skimpier look... I don't know how they managed to sneak these outfits into a Fall/Winter collection, but who the hell cares!!! Geeez!
Moschino Cheap & Chic - Oversized houndstooth print? Sah-weeeet!
MaxMara - In this particular case, I think the houndstooth is just there to deter the cat from those yarnballs. (Nice imagination…dumb-ass...)
Stella McCartney - OK, ENOUGH-- Can we get these houndsteeth outta here??? They’re eating up EVERYTHING!! This is here for those awesome shoe-leggings.

Alexander McQueen - A veritably hair-raising extravanganza. (I can only imagine how many hair stylists out there will scoff and say they could do this in two minutes.)

And for those of you who think fashion is shallow? You can just KISS THIS!!!!!!!!>>:-*
Grand Finale: Tuleh - Best captured moment —"YAH I SEE U BABY. WORK IT, UH-HUH, THAT'S IT..."