Valentine's Day - Part 4
Yes, as far as i'm concerned, every day is perfect for romance, and really, wouldn't it make more sense if that holiday were in the Spring, rather than in "Freeze-Your-Ass-Off" February?
Yeah, I thought so. :-|
Carolyn Murphy in Versace, from a 2005 issue of Vogue--this may be too closely cropped, but it's still one of the awesomest fashion pictures I've ever seen-- I actually got the full head-to-toe picture somewhere in one of the stacks of fashion pics in my room and I will soon find it and scan it, dammit! And that is a primrose promise. XD
Claudia Schiffer in Vanity Fair, 1992, and American model Lindsay Ellingson, backstage at Gucci, Fall 2007.
Brazilian stunner Adriana Lima for Victoria's Secret, Marilyn Monroe rockin' CLEAR HEELS(!), and another modelo.



Britney! Over here! Over here!!! Yeah. Lookin' awesome in both outfits. And she got the Kangol hat in that second one... (which will be makin' a reappearance later...).


Dior, Fall 2006 Couture - What can I say? Too. Awesome.
Christian Dior, Spring 2001 Ready-to-Wear; the outstanding Caroline Trentini, who is of German-Irish descent, but is actually from Brazil, like so many other recognizable runway girls, this is from a 2006 Vogue editorial; and then lastly, the amazing Russian beauty, Natasha Poly, basckstage at Costume National, Spring 2006.
Gorgeous pic and a closeup from Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2005 - I don't know how they did that (in either case).
They're checkin' out her take on the same fabric... Bazaar, September 1950, and Chanel, Fall 1987 Couture.
Dutch model Doutzen Kroes at the Valentino Fall 2005 Haute Couture runway show. Yo. Ok. If anyone ever asked me why I made this website, I'd show 'em this picture, and they will either understand, or not.
From Vogue, February 15, 1958 - The operative word here is retifism, or shoe fetishism. Kick some boot, baby. ;-D
Moschino, Fall 2007 - Love this flavor of red--I can really almost TASTE IT...!!
Here are som e actually tasty chocolates, and then Christian Lacroix, Fall 2007 Ready-to-Wear, and then a closeup of Canadian model Coco Rocha--and then her with South African beauty Behati Prinsloo--and somethin' from Vogue, September 15, 1959 that I have taken the liberty of re-coloring...




Eva Herzigova in a Chanel singlet, skirt, earrings, and boots, from British Vogue, September 1992. Can you tell how much I love that look? Whistle every time I see it. What is she, tryin' to get the attention of some guys at the carnival? And if that weren't enough, she's at The Scrambler, my own personal favorite... I'm speechless.
I never imagined what 1930's siver-screen siren Jean Harlow might look like in a Kangol hat (yup, there it is again!), but now I find myself utterly amaaaazed by the idea. And the boots? With, like, everything else goin' on? That is just like the ultimate... Who knew??
That is nice—very. Very nice.
Reverse cowgirl boots--I think you know what I mean. Yee-haw. Yessiree, that's some discreet-lookin' footwear from Dolce & Gabbana, Spring 2005, and then the fine Estonian model Tiiu Kiuk at Valentino, Fall 2002 Ready-to-Wear.
Emanuel Ungaro, Fall 2003 Couture - THAT is RRRRED!! WOW.
Linda Evangelista from Vogue, September 1990 - Yeah, blurry, but it still looks good to ME...!!!
And here, in Chanel from an early '90s issue of Italian Vogue. How do I know it's Chanel? The tell-tale camellia flower in her hair! It was Coco Chanel's favorite, and is one of the unmistakable symbols of the house.
Carolyn Murphy, and then an editorial array from Vogue, August 1, 1955. In caryola markers, that color is called Bittersweet, and I'm sure that if you're reading this, you already knew that ;-)
John Galliano, Fall 2003 - He called this the "granny from hell" look. LOLOL, I......LUV IT!!! That kind of cosmetic overload is the stuff that I can groove on. It is always good to put things in perspective--for example, when Hamlet said to Ophelia, "God hath given you one face, and you make yourself another" (III.i.149), he hadn't seen Bette Davis in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" But I can't even imagine what he would say to THAT.... Well whatever, Galliano makes it work, and I DO mean "work" in the "turn to left now turn to the right" sense (WaSsup, RuPaul! XD).
Vogue, September 15, 1949. Clearly this woman is going to lunch. Well, I mean, any woman who doesn't wear white gloves to lunch certainly doesn't deserve to be called a Lady in my book.... :-P
Harper's Bazaar, December 1992 - Kate Moss (okay, now if you didn't know you do. )
Vogue, September 14, 1929, and a picture from John Galliano's first collection for Christian Dior, Spring 1997 -- and yes, his recent Japan-inspired couture collection was a 10-year celebration of his debut at Maison Dior
Okay, (SIGHHHHHH) which one do you waaaant........ Pshh, y'know I guess it's like they say--a man should just keep his mouth shut and his checkbook open. (Ouch...)
Oh my god,
~ La Gioconda in La Testarossa ~
Two masterpieces of Italian genius finally meet at last.
(And I'm sure at least ONE of the guys who worked on that baby was named Leonardo.)


American model Hilary Rhoda at Tommy Hilfiger, Fall 2007 -- and if I may say, it was certainly one of the finest collections from an abolutely incredible designer.
Another all-American beauty, Angela Lindvall, on the cover of Elle, July 2003... HHHHOT!
Two random imges I found, and Eva Herzigova, from the Guess 1992 ad campaign....




Dolce & Gabbana, Spring 2005 - Too sexeh!! Geez!!!!!
Postman Smurf (1978 collection) delivering a love letter to the girl with the girl with the snakeskin mini-bag, the petite python purse! The reptilian little wristlet! Now...let's just hope she reads that message with as much focus as any guy looking at this picture already exerted to see the THONG through THAT CHIFFON......
February 15, 1958 - She's like "Ahh! Go away! Don't gimme that bull!! I only want sincerity and originality! Not just a bunch of cliches you got from love songs!" XDDD (dunderheaded joke from a bullheaded bloke)
Diane von Furstenberg, Fall 2007 - She tucked her Valentine's Day card in her skirt so she could always have it close to her heart...awww.... (yes, I really am this cheesy in real life... baybeh baybehhh!)
Vogue, February 1944, and some shoes that are so sexy, they're probably outlawed in 40 or 50 states--or rather, any girl who wears those, probably has the kind of job that's outlawed in 40 or 50 states. Ahem.


Canadian model Jessica Stam in all Miu Miu, from British Vogue, February 2007. LOVE IT!!!!!
Valentine's Part 5 is Next Week!!!! <3 <3 <3
-n THAT one iz gona be pink like this one wuz red yeeeeahhhhhh
Oh, and uh, by the way, first thing's first--get a suit in a color that actually MATCHES my ride, all right? THEN we got a deal. You can stare all you want, Lord knows I'm doin likewise. <:-0 And that is it, I am OUTTA here!!

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