~ A Story of Love ~
Here I am, thinking, writing, working..appearing to just be staring at nothing, but actually just developing another (supposedly) earth-shattering artistic revelation...
Ooooo wait, who is THAT...emerging from the sea of my imagination? Even her hand is still in the water...
And what am I doing? Reading. Still reading.
But watch out--mm-hm, okay, this is what we got? Not bad, not bad...
WHAT! The f^ckin' girl just stepped into reality I guess! NNNICE!!!
And what's with me? Oh PLEASE, man. What is that supposed to be--the unreadable expression of someone who reads TOO much? Ha. The guy looks like some sort of prep-school pinhead. Stiff, starchy, stuck-up, and stilted...like, prim, proper, puritanical, and scrupulously square--hey, no matter what it is you tell him to do, THIS GUY doesn’t dare. See for yourself!
"Moving on the floor now babe, you're a bird of paradiiiiiiiiiiise........................."
And: "Movin' in for the kill tonight,
You got every advantage when they put out the lights.."




Hey, y'know, "I wanna give you my love
But you'll just take a little piece of my hearrrrrrt.......
You'll just tear it apart!"
(Fire and Ice! XD)
Meanwhile, what the F^CK is going on in my head, aside from '80s lyrics--um, THIS?! LOL. DUDE. Okay, yeah. What you wanna know? I like to think I'm a writer, nnkay? And him right there? That is ME, just tryin' to HOLD MY OWN, against my literary predecessors, AND their Muses... Oh--steady, STEADY!!
Just doin' what I can to keep that spirit goin'.
And with the most ridiculous pretention, I do declare that Fashion, AND Art, AND Literature, are my...
But...some have told me that oysters are quite a tasty aphrodisiac in themselves...so lemme climb DOWN from that crazy artistic ladder for a second, get myself spiffed up, and put that knowledge to the test... (And I pair that high-resolution statement with this low-resolution picture--and why this picture? Because it was actually taken in the fitting room of the store when I BOUGHT the suit. The two sales associates helping me really had to wonder why they heard a camera sound from behind the door, but what can I say baby? Vanity is a way of lifffffe....)
So yeah--"That's right, BRAINY side! I'm just gonna have to leave you behind (for a minute) and amp up the VANITY side, and see what this whole "IMAGE" thing takes me! (Probably pretty far, according to all those writers I quoted in that Money & Power mini-compendium thingamajig I posted a few weeks back)
Oh yeah! All right, there I am again... KiCkin' SuM GaME... (yeah. right.)
"Did I mention I'm a god?" "Nn-hn, and I'm a goddess. What else ya got?" "I have my own, uh chariot. Can I cawll ya?" "Maybe."
Don't mind the woman--she's ordering a parmesan pizza--but that guy in the raft? He's busy askin' out... (you'll see)
....well, I think you CAN see. And it doesn't look bad! And no, she wasn't on the other end of the same pool--she was lounging off in in some OTHER pool. Ah, a warm and beautiful spring is in the air, can you feel it?
So now the ball is in HER court. What will she do??? (I mean, I think the balls are always in her court anyway, no?)
O-KAY! Here we GO!!! Gettin' ready!!!
"Cupid, what do you think I should wear?" "I don't know, Venus. I didn't even know you HAD clothing...!"
"Hold that riiiight there--thanks."
Mirrors, someone once said, should think longer before they reflect. What's with the attitude?? What a stuck-up reflection!
Ha. She's like, "LISTEN-- I wanna look like THAT---" And her friend is like "Whateverrr." Ahh, too gorgeous!
"<Gasp!> Who is THAT? Oh my, it's ME!" (Yeah, uh... LOL)
"Hey, YOU'RE a guy--tell me, how do you think I should wear my hair tonight?" "What? I don't freakin' KNOW...! I didn't even know you HAD clothing!"
Very nice as well....
Excellent. A very useful investment for any chicks who wanna have a salon right in their very own living room.
And now for the eyes......
There ain't no outtakes when ya look THIS good -- now that's what I call being photogenic! Pfffff.........
Oh, NICE. Is that in a hotel room? Note the leg position. Something's...goin' on
They're getting ready to knock U the FFF^CK out. And THAT'S why they call 'em knockouts--TOTAL ones, at that.
C'mon. Really. A single punch don't even need to connect for them to get the intended result. Even the referee would be laid out in less than a SECOND. And the same goes for the entire crowd, lol
She's thinkin'. Yeah, well, she got ME thinkin too...like, how perfect can a woman's lips get? I mean, HOW perfect?
Just a touch-up -- that's the ooh-la-la, u know what i'm talkin about?
A woman's arsenal...and a very lethal one at that. (from backstage at Chanel Spring 2004 Couture)
Testing out a symmetrical beauty mark, apparently... always innovating.
My god! Man, I have GOT see this one close-up---
(definitely worth it, thank you.)
"The most interesting surface on earth--if it will be allowed--is the human face." I would have to agree!
The use of light... it's just amazing. Chiaroscuro Magnifico !
> *~ Perfected ~* <
An old saying goes that "One who smells, smells bad." It means that if someone's perfume (or cologne) is noticeable, it's too much... So much for the custom, still very much followed among some folks, -that a man should be able to smell a woman's perfume the moment she enters the room, even if his back is turned and he's by the opposite wall...and the room is 300 yards long.
"Where should a woman put perfume?" (more accurately, "In what room should a woman put her perfume on in?")
Answer: "Anywhere she wants to be _____ed."
Yeah, you might be down with the shape of the young lady on the right, and that's all good and everything, but as for me, I got my aesthetic sensibilities are FARRRR too Romantic (with the capital R) for that type... But as for the young lady on the left? Hhhhhholy......only the awesomest painting I ever saw in my LIFE??? Damn, no painter had a better sense of woman's shape than Manet. Le cou et les épaules sont si étonnants que je ne peux pas CROIRE MES YEUX...MONNNN dieu.
Oh! Is this the same chick?? Mmmmmay BE!
This is how one generation misunderstands the other. Ha, she's like "Well--girls will be girls...."
I uhhh, forgot wuz guh say
Story of My Life (yeah, yeah, what can I say...)
Oh! I think we have a double! In other words:
Ich denke, daß wir ein Doppeltes haben. Das ist GUUUT! Ja jaaa---
And another? Yeah, they look about equally self-enamored.
So ANNNNYWAY...where were we? Ah yes! The date! <3 <3 <3. . . .
Now that she's all ready, she's on her way... !!
Oh no...it is SO rude to keep a lady waiting... where could he be? What the hell could be be doing??
Re-dying his eyebrows or something?!?
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
YEAH!--okay! what HE says! Actually this guy was once quoted as say of his youth:
"I had a lot of dates but I decided to stay home and dye my eyebrows." SO, there you have it!
Wait! She's notices someone walking toward her (and judging by the sign back there, they're going to a show, I guess--and thank god she's dressed appropriately.)
Wait, THAT'S the guy? Oh come on, he could do better than that...but if not, then SHE could do better!
Clothes man the man--orrrr break the man.
Ah HA! Now SHE has DEFINITELY spotted her man--and they are goin' on a good ol' Louisiana hayride!!! Yee howdy.
Now that is the MAN. Valentino in the HOUSE... And that same-color tie and jacket? Quello è stile italiano classico.
If you don't mind, may I see what kind of champagne that is? ... Ah yes. Absolutely superb.
yeeeeeeeeah.....(f^ckin' krug addict)
Whoa-- what have we HERE?
Photo from the Q&A dinner with that highly respected Wall Street stockbroker himself, Mr. Fashioniste...
When questioned as to which asset which he would most like to tap into, he simply turned his attention to that which you see right directly above this caption, and he simply gestured thus:
And at long last... Bon Appétit !
* ~ * ~ *
Ah, the romance. The suitor makes his move.... Behold, courtship at its finest.
~ * ~
~ * ~
~ * ~
~ * ~
~ * ~
* ~ * ~ *
And what have we here? Oh yeah--the dream of every sculptor. I mean--I would THINK...
"It's a terrible deception of love that it begins by engaging us in play not with a woman of the external world but with a doll fashioned in our brain—the only woman moreover that we have always at our disposal, the only one we shall ever possess." My, that's rather cynical? Or IS IT...? And hey, not for nuthin', but is that the first "Real Doll"?
Hey Pygmalion and Galatea! Wassup you two! Hey, HEY! GET A ROOM!!!!
Well... HEY, y'know something? You NEVER see the opppoite situat---uhhhh...Whoa, what's that girl doin'...? HA! THERE ya go! I have to wonder how the guy takin' this picture musta felt when he saw her do this (rrrrrrroasted!!!)
Haha, look at the nerd off to the side... He's like "UM, EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!" ... F^ckin' LOOZER


Michelangelo DID say that he chiseled his figures out of the marble block to "set them free," and that's nice, but you really DO have to wonder how the guy behind the camera must feel--to not only get "sloppy seconds," but for it taste like...a CHISEL?!?? (I mean, unless you're like, into that sort of thing...?!) But suddenly this particular work takes on a whole new twist--and I sure ain't talkin' about her contrapposto (yes, I SAID IT)-->>
“Love is the exchange of two fantasies and the contact of two skins.”
"Sex relieves tension; loves causes it."
Ahh, y'know, who am I kidding with all this bold and brazen courtship stuff...
'cause with ME, it's somethin' more like THIS--

Yeah. lol. There IS a French proverb that, "In love, there is always one who kisses, and one who offers the cheek."
NOW, the question is which "cheek" they are referring to, hmm-HMM.
Well, at least we now know who was behind that dorky-ass love letter she received--
But talk about a lucky fool... So, as fate would have it, her new flame is a jester and a joker.
(Okay, now this is a REAL fantasy...)
Nah, but really? Hahaha.... None of my loves are like ANY of those totally far-fetched examples above...by which I mean, not all like any ONE of those examples (ooh, clevaaa!). Reality is just one person's perception of reality, and who can account for all the nuances and all the vicissitudes and unexpected changes in one's feeling of love...BUT! I will leave you with yet ANOTHER example, which I think serves as quite a nice blend of all those preceding ones--<CLANG!!!!>
"And now...I go to fight for YOU!" And what kind of fight does he mean? The fight for music! And art...and beauty...and being a dandy highwaymen, so sick of easy fashion and so tired of excuses. It's not unlike an ancient Greek by the name of Archilochus, who cast aside the sword and the shield so that he could be a poet instead. (Maybe then he'll qualify for next year's old-age pension!)
The ultimate insight: "No doubt very few people understand the purely subjective nature of the phenomenon we call love, or how it creates, so to speak, a supplementary person, distinct from the person whom the world knows by the same name, a person most of whose constituent elements are drawn from ourselves."
"They have a great relationship: he with himSELF; and she with HERself."
(Apparently they're both models--or at least THINK they are...)
And, well...
...she's still out there, somewhere...
...and I'm still just writin'... (My GOD! How LAME can you get!!!) >:-O !!!
* ~ * ~ *
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