I have received a lot of emails that either express interest in or ask questions about this connection between Fashion and Literature that I've been talking about. Well...GET READY!!! Cuz this week I searched all over the Web to find some relevant stuff, and now I bring you a 3-Part special (all on this one page), that consists first of super-smart-lookin' girls, then of chicks readin' books, and then of some designers who beg the question, "If a 'nerd' is defined as someone who is ignorant about style, then is it possible to be a fashion nerd?" And can a girl still be like, HOT, even if she's wearing glasses, or reading a book??? lol. My answer to all these questions is (OBVIOUSLY) yes, but check out the pictures and the commentary below, which, like my recent collection of quotations ("Fashion, Power, and Money"), elaborate on this concept and give a better idea of what it is I see! Enjoy!! :-DDD
~The Fashioniste~
"Nerdgirls, Bookwormettes, and Designerds"
PART 1: Females in Glasses
"Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses."
(Seldom ain't the same as never... and see what I mean right here--)
I believe her lips were painted with a maraschino cherry--and is that a giant pouf of whip-cream up there?
Two interesting examples of contrast: the first example is between these two young ladies, and following example is between one aspect of a certain girl's style and another aspect of it (check out the t-shirt, Beavis):
"Oh dear, THAT'S what the girls will be wearin this season??"
"Oh my, what have I done?!??" The woes of the inadvertent trendsetter...what can you do?
Very funny. She's watching the following couples--
Tightly cinched trench coat and glasses--INSTANT sophistication! (Who could argue with that?)
A guy and a girl both decided to take a walk at the same time... What's about to happen here??
I'll tell you what--he can finally forget about his ex, who looked WAY too much like him! LOLA!
"Oh golly! This double-date is sure going swell! I wonder what I'll get to do with her first--show her my collection of Marvel comics, ORRR recite my favorite Star Trek episodes to her, WORD-FOR-WORD...!! This could be the best night of my life!!!" B-D ("Everybody say cheez!" "CHEEEEZ..")
"Uchh. I...am like...SO jealous..."
Overheard from a British onlooker: "Hmm. A rather arrogant young bloke...from a boarding school, I suppose. Probably thinks he can sing, too. Well, the bloody fellow has got himself a least ONE fan... (RRRETCH)"
I don't believe she's in the best mood at the moment...better come back, like, NEVER. (But what a sleeve!!!)
Who gets first dibs? The guy in the middle--he doesn't even NEED to wear glasses; he just does it to let her know how much he wants to focus on her! LOLOLOL OMG THAT WAS HISTERIKUL!!!!!!@@@
Yeah, she was actually recommended to get a pair that was at least HALF her body weight.
She is SO done giving those interminable safari tours... And with legs like that, who could blame her? >;-D
BCBG Max Azria, Fall 2006 -- Wait, who's that on the right?
"I'm sort of the intellectual type, you know, glasses 'n all!" HAHA! YES!!!
If this is what is meant by intellectualism, then I am all for it... Gah DAYUMN!!!! Givenchy, Fall 2006 Ready-to-Wear.
Okay, um, FYI-- Do not f^ck with this one. She will knock the sh^t out of you. And if you have the nerve to ask why she's carrying TWO Givenchy polished leather handbags instead of just one, you just might end up regretting it...
April 1964 Issue -- They HAD to do it at least once and here it is! 8-D
The sexiest pack of renegade librarians you ever saw... EVER. Christian Dior, Spring 2001 Couture:
PART 2: Females Doing that Whole "Reading" Thing
Leave her alone--it is just between HER, her cuppa joe, and that little booka poetry, all right?
(I wonder if the local diner is hiring waiters anyway...)
~A Few Model Readers~
You might be like "Why aren't they reading magazines??" But why should they be looking at pictures of themselves from the CURRENT season's editorials and ad campaigns, when they're about to present those of the NEXT season?? Ahead of the curve, indeed. And that's really a very nice curve. Like, REALLY nice.
I know this will sound mushy and a bit over-the-top, but in all seriousness, this website…is one big, giant, hypertextual, um, (what? hypersexual?)—okay, one big, giant, H.T.M.L. Love Letter to the Collective Muse of all the creative endeavors ever made… I hope you like! (I say as a kindly bow to all of you.)
“OH Puh-leeeez...”
Woman standing: Yeah, he said he thinks he’s like “the savior of culture” of some sh^t…
Woman sitting: Sounds like a crazy mutherf^cker to ME…
Servant-girl: Yep, definitely. Hey, do the two of you want some more laudanum?
Both women: YES. (God, what is she, new or something??)
And on the other end of the reaction spectrum: “My, what a poetic young gentleman…!” (Thank you!)
And, as with all great paintings, beware the replicas--the brush-strokes make it obvious, but it's still quite nice...
Awesome. Behold! My favorite one of all--
Observe these next three--a happy story, then a sad story, and then an amusing story:
And more reading women. Such beautiful images! How serene and how just LOVELY they are...
One of many reading women painted by Utagawa Kuniyoshi, master of the ukiyo-e (ooooo-e!)--
Sooooooo relaxing...
First here's some blonde chick, after a Totally! Picasso! MMMMAKEOVER!! And then we have what appears to be Snow White when she was a disaffected teenager stuck in some boring, rural town (I feel so bad for her!).
Cooool! LOVE the semi-Cubist perspective here:
A bit overdressed are we? Only if you have nevr experience the intense of ecsasty that good writing can give...and that being unbelievably DRESSED can give.... To quote one witty fellow: "The only way to atone for being occasionally a little overdressed is by being always absolutely over-educated." LOL!
That one and this are of Madame de Pompadour, born Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, courtesan of Louis XV. Indeed! The King's Mistress. And one following a very time-honored line of French royal mistresses from the 1300's all the way to the 1800's. Clothes make the man--if the right woman is wearing 'em! What can I say? Vive...Poisson.
From the incredibly hot women of Brazil, to the lovely and gentle women of France--sorry, lemme start over:
Das mulheres inacreditàvel quentes de Brasil, -- aux belles et douces femmes de la France,
everyone LUVZ what the Frashioniste DUZZZ! :-D
"DUDE! Go AWAY! I'm workin' on my website! I gotta impress these chicks!!” I mean, can you BLAME the guy?? He has to actually configure the javascript by HAND! It's a hellish amount of hard work, but when you get a reception like THIS--



--you really have NO CHOICE, do you... >;-D
Goin' from one “SCROLL"...to another:
…but ALWAYS baCk To BoOkS! :-D
I'd have to say, THESE are two very effective ways to facilitate a man's appreciation of, like, literature or whatever--
Wait just a MINUTE--what's going on here? This guy is STEALING a nude woman's book? What some men WON'T do to get a woman's attention... You naughty bibliokleptomaniac! SHAME on you!
Well, here we have Marilyn Monroe herself, reading James Joyce's "Ulysses." All right... so that would be, like, the most famous woman of the past century, reading the greatest author of the past century. Ahhh yes.
You know, I can only imagine what deep and mighty wisdom she is gleaning from that pages of that unparalleled work. Let's see what we can learn here. Okay, here we go--page 734 (ahem): "He kissed the plump mellow yellow smellow melons of her rump, on each plump melonous hemisphere, in their mellow yellow furrow, with obscure prolonged provocative melonsmelonous osculation." This is classical literature, folks. It's not for everyone, just the sexy people. I mean, how many can attain that height of understanding? The masses are asses! (and unfortunately most of them aren't plump ENOUGH, if ya ask me--and it appears as though Mr. Arthur Miller concurs--YYYYOW!!!!)
He's a philosopher, and she's a philosopher. Needless to say, the relationship is not exactly a smooth one...
What's that book? "Help Your Husband Get Ahead"?! What is she--hiding in the bathroom of a married man's house till the wife goes to work?!? That is so shameful (for those towels to be so carelessly folded! I mean, really!)
Hey, read all the STOCK quotes all you want, baby. I'll stick with the LITERARY quotes, hahaaaaa... Hey, maybe she's in charge of a venture-capital firm that could subsidize this artistic wankfest I got goin' on here. YYYEAH!! I must say, I am very persuasive. Okay, not exactly, but I DO have a nice array of persuasive neckties and that's certainly sufficient, don't you think?
Now, is her expression so bleak because she has just read some of Oscar Wilde's observations about women? OR, because she has read some of his observations about men? (LOL...)
From the railways station to the boardwalk, books are pretty damn good company on a summer day... And can you BELIEVE how hot that woman is?!? TELL ME about it!! I mean, like, Manet had such a unique way of capturting a person's complexion that I'm surprised he didn't start his own cosmetics line in 19th-century France. Oh, and as for this other chick? I believe "jaw-dropping" would be the right word----
Old versus Young. And see that girl in that background of the second picture? Nice mullet--what are you, an '80s heavy-metal chick? Cuz if you are, I'll totally autograph your [PARENTAL ADVISORY EXPLICIT LYRICS], BABY....
But on a more serious note, I like the commentary that's being made here about different generations--with those who are too old to keep our interest, those who are too young to understand, and then those who know how to connect with the people of their time, and who share something lovely and inspiring! Ah, do I ever stop being sentimental? (Um, notwithstanding that [BEEEP!]-signing comment I made one minute ago. Well, once again, what can I say, I'm a...well, go to the page and you'll see-eeee--)