Now okay—these lookalikes may be merely coincidental, or they may have been intended as a deliberate homage to a fellow designer or artist, or they might have just been from a desire to improve upon (i.e. usually tighten and/or shorten) another designer's concept. But then again, it might just be that two designers got the same memo from on high that it was time to make a certain type of dress out of a certain fabric and that was that... Well, either way, check...these...out!!! It's always fun to see one design that reminds you of another that you like, and you might easily be caught off-guard or faked out by some of these, but the captions will clear that up for you--and you may be shocked. Some of the choices are from past updates because, obviously, those are the ones that made a big impression on me! And with these juxtapositions, they are made even more interesting, if not more breathtaking! Enjoy! :-D
~The Fashioniste~
Roberto Cavalli S ‘02 and Missoni F ‘05
Chanel Couture F ’06 and Christian Lacroix Couture F ’06
YSL Retrospective Spring ‘02 and Borbonese F ‘05
One's leopard print...the other, giraffe spots.
Luca Luca F ‘05 and BCBG Max Azria F ‘06
Trussardi F 2000 in the middle, and Dolce & Gabbana S ‘05 on the sides
Chado Ralph Rucci S ‘03 and Who Is On Next S ‘06
Tightening up that silhouette!
Donna Karan S ‘02 in the middle, and Lanvin S ‘07 on the sides
Oscar de la Renta S ’06, Anna Sui S ’07, and Krizia S ‘07
Jil Sander F ’06 and Balenciaga F ‘06
September 1963 and Balenciaga F '06
Balenciaga S ‘06 and Alexander McQueen S ’07
Can't even tell you how much I love this pair. Sooooo cool, I can't even tell you how much I love it.
Balenciaga F ‘04 and Gucci Men F ’07
Givenchy Men S ’07 and Anna Molinari S ‘07
Who's gonna date a guy in silver pants? Oh. Um...I was...just kidding(?? dammit!)
Celine F ’04 and Valentino Men F ‘06
It’s very simple—it called a wimple.
YSL Retrospective S ‘02, Belstaff S '07, Alexander McQueen S ‘07, and then Dior Couture F ‘06
Karen Mulder in a bathing suit from the ‘90s, then Roberto Cavalli S ‘06 and Dolce & Gabbana S '05
Zac Posen F ‘04 + Richard Chai F ‘05 = Rochas F ‘05
This...is not Gisele Bundchen… But this IS:
Madonna in 2006, and a look from Anna Sui, Fall 2000
Elsa Schiaparelli November 1927, then Sonia Rykiel S '02 and Comme des Garcons F '07
The trompe l'oeil ("tromp loo-ey") or optical illusion of the bow you see here was revolutionary for its time,
and it is still influencing designers today, right up to NEXT SEASON !
4 Amazing Lookalike Models--at least in these pictures:
Doutzen Kroes (Netherlands), Anna Korzun (Ukraine), Ocana Minaeva (Russia), and Kat Bespiyatikh (Moldavia)
“Madame X,” John Singer Sargent, American, 1884, and Lanvin and Luca Luca F ’06, then Lanvin again:
“Woman with Embroidery,” Tord Leander-Engstrom, Swedish, mid-20th C, and Aquascutum F ‘06.
The flowers looked so pretty in front of her that someone had the presence of mind to just paint 'em right on!
“Porträt der Herzogin Katharina von Mecklenburg,” Lucas Cranach Sr., German, 1514, and Gaultier Couture S ‘05.
Nearly 500 till the look was revived...now that's what I call a fashion cycle!
“The Ardour,” by William Powell Frith, English, late-1800s and Viktor & Rolf S ‘04
Karl Lagerfeld S '07 and Vogue cover from the mid-'60s.
What can I say—they got it cut at the same place. \:-P
Vogue, August 1930, by Andre E. Marty, and John Galliano F ‘05.
I wanted to see a close-up of her, and that would have to be it...!
“Portrait de Dora Maar” (detail), Pablo Picasso, Spanish, 1937 and Swiss model Nadine Strittmatter working Galliano's interpretation of the "Cancan" look at Dior Couture F ‘03.
You'll notice that even the eyebrows and lips bear a resemblance. And look--they both "blue" their noses! (omg, plz)
Vogue, January 1916, by Irma Campbell, and Andrew Gn F ‘06
5 cool examples of a lovely color combo:
Dita von Teese, Marilyn Monroe, Barbie - who is, herself, the future of modeling XD,
then Vogue November 1926, by William Bolin, and then Versace favorite Daria Werbowy at the F '04 show:
Vogue, November 1923, by Georges Lepape, Junya Watanabe S ’07, then Alexander McQueen F ’05, Watanabe again, and Boudicca Resort S ‘07, then two decidedly more tame curly-blonde beauties from other Vogue covers.
Now THAT'S some hair that is LITERALLY "piled up"...
Hey, let's see more from that show--Junya Watanbe's S '07, that is... The whole look is awesome!!
50th Anniversary Dior Barbie doll customized by Robert Best, 1997, and Dior Couture F 2007(!).
Behold. Chinese Peking Opera meets the "New Look" of 1947. In the movie M. Butterly (1993), Song Liling, the female protageonist, says to an enterprising French gentleman: “You come from France. France is a country living in the modern era, perhaps even ahead of it. China is a nation whose soul is firmly rooted 2000 years in the past. What I do - even pouring tea for you now - it has implications. Please go. Please, Monsieur Gallimard...“
Nina Hagen "Go Ahead" and Dolce & Gabbana F '05 - She got one for hereself! Nice!
"Flirt" pinup magazine, c. 1950, and an album cover from 2001, then some frames from the album's title track:
"Tell me what you want, KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!"
Estonian model Tiiu Kiuk from Dior Couture F '05 and Boy George from Culture Club's video for "It's a Miracle"
(and dreeeeams are...)
Model posed curiously like...well, here, I'll show you the full cover, from the cassette version:
Dangerous curves, all right; then see “La naissance de la Vénus," (The Birth of ~), Alexandre Cabanel, French, 1863
Marilyn Monroe with a bowl of fruit, c. 1953, and Michelangelo da Caravaggio, "Ragazzo con Canestro di Frutta," (Boy with a Basket of Fruit), Italian, c. 1593. (Cool, huh?) Then, Valentina, backstage at Dolce & Gabbana S '05.
Anyway, I know--upon first glance, it's like, "Which is a photograph and which is a painting??" I love it.
Aw yeah aw yeah. Hope you have savored the bountiful goodness of this week's creative harvest,
and lemme just say: Happy Spring, Everybody!!!
:-D ~The Fashioniste~

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