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Magazine Pix - 5
‘ey, look at that--
All-American chick, on a Sunday in the living room
Same chick, on Monday
And here she is again, on '60s TUESDAY... FAR OUT, MAN!!!!! ::blasting dusty unlabeled 45's::
Standard Barbie
Prep school bra--maximum support for getting into the *best* college. You know, there is actually a French saying that a short skirt is a good letter of recommendation...
feelin’ friskehhh?
Nice jacket! Wonder how many different ways it can be worn...?
Not just one, but TWO types of enticing lips...
How high you wanna get? (gah DAMMMMN!!!!!)
A real woman is NEVER out of her element.
A gorgeous editorial--one interpretation of "Le Punque" that I had seen neither before nor since.
Oh, her thoughts cannot be very good…
blonde - (n.) :
can you believe it??
<SLAM!> “...I am going to do SUCH dirty things to your…STOVE when I go into the kitchen and cook you a dinner you will NEVER FORGET.... ” (OMG, that is SSSO FREAKIN HOT!!!!!!!!!!!)
Ok...ok...sure. I mean, if you’re into getting the whole "spa treatment" or whatever...
Geeeez!!! REALLY?? Okay, do your thing. What do I know!
Uh-oh... Oh god. WHHHAT'S UP, Umpteen-Millionth New York City art chick. Yeah, I am like SOOOO disillusionated...disillusionized? Whatever, dude. (Look, there is NO way her room doesn’t smell like Ramen noodles and dirty laundry. Trust me, I have BEEN there--in my DREAMS, that is. But really, isn't that like a pretty...smelly fantasy right there?)
That. Looks. SO. SooOoOOoOothing……
Looks like the publicity shot of a chick who’s trying to become a Top 40 singer--good luck, honey! <:P
Showgirls getting armed and ready for battle.
Oh my...that is some hairpiece. Or...IS THAT REAL?!?
And here we get a real-life glimpse of a showgirl at home. And over on the other end, we have her roommate. Limber up, baby! You'll get there! ( I think I just woke her up from her nap. Woops!)
She's about to pay a surprise visit to a very special guy…who’s about to get a very f^ckin’ special beatdown, it appears. "Hi-YAH!" Ah, finally her kickboxing aerobics tape comes in handy.
A little Cold War-era symbolism (and I imagine she's feeling a bit cold herself, dressed like THAT--)
So, what did you say was your favorite fabric? Hmm, I don't think you'll find Couture-grade Bubble Wrap anywhere in the Garment District. You'll have to go to like, Le Bureau de Poste, I believe.
That dude is obviously more attracted to her drink than he is to HER… Hands OFF, buddy! Get yourself a draft beer and get LOST!!! F^ckin' mooch

Is this how they actually do a layout? Seems a tad bit inefficient, if you ask me...
(but what do I know???)


Ah yes. I have some nice "themed" updates coming up for all of you. So stay tuned and...thanks!!

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