Magazine Pix – 4
Coooooooool--look closely at this jacket, 'cause it. is. AWESOME!!!!
Watch out!
Ahem-hem—BALLOON hem. Ya got it now? Cuz that's what I’M tawkin about...
"The Oppressor and the Oppressed"
Hey! the cover says it FOR me!
What makes a professional photographer *professional* --
Really, it doesn’t get much more Missoni than THIS:
Reflecting on the meaning of life after another 18-hour day of harvesting grain. It's a very hard life for some women of the world… (Not in the field of print modeling, but in the field of WHEAT! Damn, do you know what wielding the 60-inch handle of a gleaming scythe can do to a woman’s hands?? FORGET it!)
One picture, two different mags:
Whoa! ‘70s placemat-style coat (I likey!) :-D

Still getting the hang of that whole wind-machine thing. I think she’s got it now.

Simultaneous strap adjustment—that’s as much multi-tasking as a lady like THIS should EVER do. (Awwww!!!! Yeah ok, whatev)
Hey, even her panties are made of yarn. But it’s like, a very nice cable-stitch, trust me.
Her eyes follow you everywhere. Scary!!
Looks like she's spittin' some dope rhymes. n' her friend to tha left can do a mean beatbox after the fourth or fifth glass of cabernizzet.
A wonderful optical illusion—How wide is that dress?
Some versions of ze best silhouette! (that is, in my super-humble opinion)
“Welcome to La Mesa…” Ai, dios mios…she is REAL f^ckin’ caliente (Yes. To quote the deep voice from a radio commercial: How HOT is HOT?)
Lovely, yes... I just don’t know if this is most appropriate thing to wear on a windy day. (LOLZ!)
The Golden Rule: She who wears gold, rules.
Okay, that’s BIG. It’s like: “Leftover fabric? Improvise!” And the result is really quite noticeable.
OMG, F^h-cking perfect. I DON’T KNOW how they do it…but they do. Just LOOK!
All different ways to cinch it up with a fay-yanTASTIC-lookin’ black ribbon--
And another black and gray number. Looks like the door-to-door Avon Lady got lost in the woods... Wait, oh no! She’ll have to live off eyeshadow-and-rainwater Kool-Aid until somebody rescues her! (Yo. Seriously… I need help.)
As for this one, I ain’t saying she a gold-digger, because, quite frankly, she prefers PLATINUM. (It just happens to shine better in the moonlight.)
Honey, um, are you aware that your ride is waiting RIGHT behind you?
Oh, look at this one. “When I open my eyes, I wanna be a flapper in head-to-toe leopard print...”
The Dior "New Look" shape is the best ever, in any form imaginable. The proof? Right here, baby:
Muy seductivo…
Lovely and...Lovely!
How you doin there? Note, the pearls are safety-pinned to her lapels. (!!!)
She’s definitely got the height advantage. Her legs alone are at least five feet high.
“Yes, I’m listening… You haven’t said anything worthwhile YET…but I AM still listening.” (Thanks?)
Hey, does she do a lot of Pushups...? Ohhhh SNAP (the back of her bra? “Excuse me, that’s in poor taste—and for the record, she’s not even wearing a bra.” Ohhh...No *Wonder*!) Blahhh…
“Unnnnh, I don’t WWWWANNA wait for the bus, huh huh huhhhh…” (sucks fer uuuuu!!!!)
Okay, now where exactly do these pants figure into the cycle of what’s in and out? Like where would it place on the interseasonal, interdecade, multicultural designscape of synthesized styles, at this moment in the time-fashion continuum? I mean--in relation to the the styles that are acceptable for streetwear in a particular city, in particular weather, on a particular day, at a particular time? Boy, I am taking this way too seriously. (just kidding) (<--just REALLY kidding)
One of the best outfits I have ever seen—for MYSELF!!! Yeah! (<--just crazy) (<--just REALLY crazy)

Have a nice week, fashion-lovers (and even, yes, the fashion-haters)
LOMFL!!! :-D
~ The Fashioniste ~