Magazine Pix - 3
First, one of the awesomest li'l editorials ever:
Yeah, so've probably seen this chick before (and been just as amazed as anyone).
Oh my god, what a pose...what a model!
"Ooh WOW, look at me, I can do the same thing!" (oh wait, that's the same girl. Love the A. McQueen outfit paired with the Givenchy footwear, YYYYOWWWW!!!!)
Gorgeous variations with the same fabric and same silhouette--
Wow...for REAL?
Hey! Ah... What's up... My name The I don't know what I'm sayin'.
She had to make an appearance sooner or later, and it's certainly well-deserved.
Huh. The pants are so tight, she can't even close her damn legs. (Is that a bad thing?)
Peep this ballin' ass chick...she got it rollin' on and on and...okay, I'm done now.
Style just can't be defined, copied, or computer-generated, and the proof is right here--just two ridiculously cool-looking outfits for you:
That is SOME woman.
Good lookin'
Well, that oughta last her a couple nights (at least).
Uh! Beggar! Doesn't she know that she doesn't need to do that?
Take a cue from this young lady right here--she's just about ready to nail that job interview with the right look. A smart um, "blazer"--and a shade of red that really shows that she means BUSINESS!
The dress is just stunning...and whaddaya know? It wound up on the cover! (No surprise here! :-D)
Very nice. That's all.
"Darling, can you watch my purse? There are some men here that I need to mingle with."
Yeah, f^ck that class. The teacher is a pr^ck.
Yo, you're STILL here?!?
Nothing says "Absolute Determination" and "Unwavering Resolve" like holding the lapels of your uh...cute little bolero jacket? (YUP! She is UNSTOPPABLE >:-D)
That is TIGHT.
"Ech! Get this little thing AWAY from me!! What did you do, put it in the dryer or something??"
(So cool, I can't say sh^t. Nope, won't even try.)
Yeah, those are some legs, honey. I definitely see what you're talkin about.
O-KAY, I didn't say YOURS weren't nice too...! Geez, does the jealousy ever end? She really is kicking pretty high, too. Apparently a master in the martial art of Stiletto Kung Fu.
Another "FCC bikini"
News *Flash* coming up!!! (Oh my god, how bad am I...)
And another lady who CERTAINLY doesn't mind being labeled. But really--when it comes to the sledgehammer way in which all this clothing is marketed, the MODEL is 90% of the look, and the clothes are the other 10%--but hey, you DO need the 10% to make it a HUNDRED, my dear.
The first time I have ever seen a "grill" that I actually really, REALLY like:
You know, it's just a style you might come across in certain parts of the Midwest--nothing so um... Okay, lemme put it this way: I feel RRRREALLY f^ckin' bad for this girl no matter what. But hey, she is definitely putting in a visible EFFORT, and it's still way better than that usual t-shirt and sneakers bullcrap, so really, all I have to say is YEE-F^CKING-HA, MUTHER F^CKERZ... DEAL with it.
Ool Right, let's have a jolly ole time then, SHALL WE?
"Pardon me? You REFUSE to have 'a jolly ole time'? Kiss my arse, you bloody wanksta... I'll have none of it."
Ool right then... WHERE WERE WE?
Nina Hagen "African Reggae" on a French talk show-- a very entertaining video for so many reasons, not the least of which are the reactions of the other guests...

Ha-haaaaaa, See ya later, everybody! Enjoy your week and have fun,

~The Fashioniste~