Magazine Pix - Part 2
First, lemme show you two of my favorite pictures (just love 'em)
Oh, she is so cool
Yep, that’s it, stay right in frame, honey--
You ready to go yet...?
She’s still waiting…
That whole new Yves Saint Laurent style…just fantastic.
What are you thinking?
Something tells me she’s not on Grand Street looking for the D train. More like she got out the limo, walked to the end of the block, and then got right back in. But I have to give props to the photographer for the concept (though these props are both sweet…and sour).
Okay, now HEEERE we go. Victoriana, ahh!
What style…the look is phenomenal.
Umbrellas are most certainly fashion accessories as well, lest you forget.
Absolutely lovely.
Cool coat – double take! (again)
Looks like someone wanted to bring in a little Russian-historical-costume goodness… Kraseeva!
Man, now THAT is a good one.
DUde………..whut teh fck are youlookin it, seriusly
I’m glad they give you a closer look. I was really wondering she was just a tiny sculpture!!
This is what a goth girl from a private school looks like. Apprently she's waiting to seduce her stuck-up, turtleneck-wearing, overly pretentious Poetry teacher. Again. (EWWW!! WHAT!)
“Ey yo, I’m gonna sit this one out. I think that now I just dunked on you muthaf^ckas ten times in a row, I don’t gotta prove myself no maw.”

Climbing the wall at fashion boot camp. LOL. Hey, as far as THEY'RE concerned, with this shot alone, she’s already passed with flying colors.

For all that talk of mysteriousness of a woman, here we have a REAL instance of it...
oh sh^t, look out-- “GET ME ANOTHER ONE , YOU F^CK!!!!!!!!!”
Oh my god, unbelievable:
Soooo, she who lies with dogs wakes up with…uh, fleas? PLEASE. This is Chanel--not to be found at ANY flea market, mon cherie cher…
Yeesh--violinist? ballerina? gymnast? All of the above, probably.
Looks like the singer for some group, but I can’t figure out what genre… Anyway, love the attitude--
She’s worked the runways of Paris, New York, Milan, and now, finally, Hoboken. Who says nobody dresses this way off the catwalk? I got yer proof RRRIGHT HERE!!!! She may not have to license to drive, but she does have a license to DRESS to kill, that is. (derrr~~!!!!)
So how are those New Year’s Resolutions comin' along?
Umm, do I even NEED to ask?

All right, later babes and superbabes... See ya next week!!!

~The Fashioniste~