Magazine Pictures!
"The new update is UP..."
Oh my God. Very nice.
Oh yeah--Happy New Year, everyone. Now go make your resolutions to get abdominized ...or not. (Hey, whatever, it’s YOUR body, not mine--at least not yet, anyway.) (exCUSE me??)
O K, r U LiKe, 4 ReAL? NO WAYYYY.
Definition of a Close-up
Ski bunny—adorable
Wow, that is some difference (just two different editions of the same picture)
An example of "The Immigrant Experience." Oh, and as for the rings missing from the her fingers in the NEW picture? Yeah--they were all so huge they just slipped right off.
From totally trashy to...definitely at least a LITTLE classy.
From rural…to suburban
Soft Chanel | HARD Chanel
“Oh! You scared me!”
“S’ok—just wanted to remind you to unplug the toaster if you're not using it."
Yo, do NOT keep this chick waiting. SHE WILL KICK. YOUR F^CKING. ASS, DUDE....
And this one kicks even MORE, if you can see why... (hey, no sh^t)
Yeah, uh, go ahead and just try to be this hardcore. Just TRY--I dare you--
Behold, the magazine cover that made millions of guys...learn Photoshop.
Is this like, a little narcissistic? Hey, you tell ME; I find it perfectly reasonable.
“ nice profile.” (Now that's the REAL meaning)
Oh Jesus... he actually thought that was clever? Not againnnn...
“Uh-oh, should I answer that??” The question here could be about either a ringing doorbell, a ringing telephone, or a personal question she has just been asked… You decide.
Ah yes, how noble. How utterly heroic.
The clock is ticking vvvery slowly. There is plenty for her to do, and plenty of time for all of it.
“Do I look good…?” "Hell f^cking YES. (Are you kidding me?)"
FCC bikini:
Ok, see ya next week, baby. Oh, and I almost forgot--THANXXX!!!!! :-D