Some Crazy, Funny, and Candid Pictures

I have found so many surprising or interesting looks, outfits, and just candid pictures in my ongoing independent fashion "research round-up," that I figured "HEY! Why not share some o' these pix with everyone else??" And that's what I'm SOOOOOO doing this week... Of course, you will notice a few of the same models, and that's simply because I am no longer looking through collections from a particular season, but rather going through an alphabetized list of the best models working today, and here are some of the more amusing shots out there. Enjoy!

~The Fashioniste~

Chanel S‘03 HC – WaSsuP, mAcK daDDy
MaxMara S’04 - Monday: Adding some makeup just to enhance things.
Galliano F’03 - Tuesday: Going for a slightly more natural look…
Excuse Me?
Alexander McQueen S’05 – One wisecrack about her shoulderpads and she’ll crash down on you like Kanagawa-Oki Nami-Ura
Or "The Great Wave," which is the name of this great woodcut painting by Hokusai:
Chanel S’03 RTW – So RIDE IT, baby!!
Galliano S’05 - Tinfoil hat + Peacock feather earring = A first in fashion (If you can disprove me, please do.)
Zero Maria Cornejo F’03 - The REAL meaning of sleeveless.
Martine Sitbon F 2000 - A two-bit design--literally.
Michael Kors F’01 - Fannypack fakeout!
Carolina Herrera F’02 – Is that a shirt? Nope—a scarf! Faked out again!
BCBG S’02 – If any of you out there are into cloning, would you uhh, mind, like, populating the earth with THIS particular species? Thanks.
Givenchy F’03 – Hitwoman
Ralph Lauren S’04 - All-American blue-eyed blonde-haired preppy-chick: instigator of more trouble than anyone else in the entire school (though you’d HARDLY expect it)…
Derek Lam F’05 – Beautiful girl, great shot!
We get it man--You've got it ALL! Okay, on a scale of 1 - 10, I'd imagine that this guy's life is probably at least a 5.
Just TTTTTOTALLY doesn't give a sh^t..........
Louis Vuitton F’01 – I call this “7 Bobs”
“Something tells me they f^cked it up.”
Louis Vuitton F’01 – No problemo!
YSL F'06 - When hair goes under seige:
Oh, wait! BEHOLD, the miracle-working power of the Holy Flatiron (Ahh!)
“Are you also here for the modeling callback?”
There’s no price-tag on the bottom, honey—it was just made for the show (par usual).
Lanvin S’01 - "Awaiting Eyeshadow"
Donna Karan F'02 - Is that an Audrey Heburn of some sort? I believe so!
Dolce & Gabbana S'03 - Shampoo commercial?
Golden Rule of Modeling #56: Don't move hair out of your face, no matter what. Ever!
Missoni S’03 - What a Princess.
Viktor & Rolf F'06 - The woman behind the white mask!
"Boys, listen. Are you, um...GIRLS?"
“HAHAAA, ya missed a spot!!!”
Hopefully she is just momentarily delaying, and not absolutely refusing... (Oh, so cold!)
Is this how you get the attention of a gentleman?
Some ways have certainly been proven more effective than others, you know...
Valentino - Something to reflect on...
Ok…I’ll be back with more next time, just as soon as she figures out how to use that thing.
Galliano F’06 – (Belch!!!!!!)
Hope you enjoyed this one as much I obviously did... Peace!!!