Mixed Bag, Part 1: "The Best of Black & White"
Okay, so what am I doing NOW? I'm plowin' straight through all seasons, from Spring 2000 to Spring 2007, and putting together the outfits I find the best. You may have noticed that I tend to include mostly colorful outfits...but THIS week, I go all out with the black and white! and gray! aaand combinations thereof. :-| ...SO, as you'd expect, there is plenty of Chanel.... And Please NOTE!~ Because pictures from older seasons are much smaller at my source websites, I have had to enlarge them, which would explain why some of them are a little "bitmapped up," so to speak.
Some Friggin’ Awesome Coats… Necesitamos Más Volumen… We need more volume--TURN IT UP!!!!
Ralph Lauren F'05
Imitation of Christ F'05
Valentino Men F'06 - Take your pick, dude. -- Quite possibly the coolest guy ever.
Yves Saint Laurent F'06
Victor Alfaro F'01
Ruffian S'07 - Oh...what a damsel! What's going on there? Could it be that the white pleats are actually from a skirt underneath, and that the coat's cut like an apron from the belt down?? Brilliant! (Enjoy Guiness Stout Responsibly.)
Yohji Yamamoto F'06 - Soooo coooool..........
Veronique Branquinho S'06 - Very hot sleeves...VERY.
Vera Wang S'06 presents: The Anti-wedding Dress?
Chanel F'03 HC - Beautiful!
Chanel F'05 RTW - Highly elaborate and...simply perfect.
Monique Lhuillier F'06 - Oh...my....GOD! This is unbelievable.
Chanel F'04 HC - Looks like she is emerging from some sort of dark satin volcano.
Aquascutum F'05 - As for these next two, see if you can muster a little bloody symbolism...

Chanel S'03 HC – Fully prepared to upstage every b^tch at every party, ever. "You want some? Come awn, BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Chanel S'06 RTW - LBD doesn't stand for 'Little Black Dress'--it stands for LAVISH Black Dress, like the ones above...or, if you want, it stands for Loose, like this nice and flowing example:
Prada F'05 - Right down to business.
Donna Karan F'03 - Aspiring designers? Relax and take notes. THIS IS HOW U DO IT----
Marc Jacobs S'03 - Yeah I know--you're like "Reelee??" YES, REALLY. (Who do you think takes care of all those grungy-toenailed hipsterinis? Wait, whad you say? A "disaffected urban youth subculture" that has been "laid low by the ironies of consumerism"? Okay, whatever THAT means...)

Donna Karan F'03 - Ah yeahh...let's get back to the good stuff. All that thinking was ruining my totally natural and non-drug-induced high....Whassat? Beehive Pompadours? FFF^CK YEAH!!!! >:-D

Narciso Rodriguez F'00 - [Whatever] by day, [Whatever else] by night--yeeeow!
Carolina Herrera F'03 - This one, however, is the SAME "Whatever," whether day OR night. Ho-hum...
Chanel S'05 RTW - I wasn't crazy about the way the colors came out in the picture, so I took care of it--and did the same for a few others. It's all a matter of contour and proportion. So check these out!!>
Luca Luca F'05
Behnaz Sarafpour F'03
Elie Saab S'06 HC - The first cut is the deepest. (Rule #1 of making a slit dress. Yes, slit.)
J. Mendel F'06 - WHHHHUT....
Okay, here are the rules: A floral print in black on a white background. Let’s see whatcha got… Roccobarocco, Valentino, and Ungaro
Roccobarocco F'06
Valentino S'05 HC
Ungaro Couture S'03
Hey, just because it's no longer Thanksgiving doesn't mean I can't still give thanks to all of you for being so awesome... And so I give you...a buncha Pilgrim chicks!
Donna Karan F'02
6267 F'06
Strenesse F'01
Neil Barrett F'06 - Hey, why NOT round it out, y'know?
...or throw in a tie? Lovely!
Valentino F'04 RTW
Noir S'07
Chanel S'05 HC - Howdy, Pilgrim. Oh. Wait. Well, Plymouth Rock IS in Massachusetts, right? :-P!
~Coats of Plastic~
Prada F '02 - When absolutely no outfit in the world could look better than the coat covering it:
Behnaz Sarafpour S'04
Chanel F'05 HC - She flung open her black PVC coat to reveal...a uh, 1954 pastel skirt-suit(?). Damn man, THIS is the point it's gotten to? Well, I suppose it was inevitable. Talk about real *résistance*. Vive la Répression!
Lanvin S'07 - Wassup, Ms. Vogue! (Know what I'm sayin'?)
Martin Grant S'07 -- Yup, it's back!
Malo S'07 - Mm-hmm...
Now go get plast...er, um... OK! Thanks again and see ya next week! ~The Fashioniste~