Fall/Winter '06 - Menswear
Alessandro Dell'acqua – Very sharp
Alexander McQueen – Typical spoiled model... Dude, why are you so pissed off? You’re wearing probably the best trench coat of the whole damn season.
WOW! Attention filmmakers: Here is your next great villain. (You can thank me at the Oscars.)
Calvin Klein Men - '70s Halston? What's goin' on?
Burberry Prosrum - Wow, a BRONZE, QUILTED trench coat?? Okay, NOW I know why that other dude was so angry...
Emanuel Ungaro - Regarding first guy--the tone-on-tone is known as "Il Duce" style.
Narciso Rodriguez – What a perfect suit! Phenomenal!
Hussein Chalayan - Not bad--a look I have definitely seen before.
Kenneth Cole – This guy is basically more stuck-up about wine than anyone else on the face of God's green earth. Probably has a 300-acre vineyard (or let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if he does).
Michael Kors – 6:15 PM : Step OFF helicopter and INTO limo (check!)
Hermes - THAT'S the chauffeur? Hmm, looks a bit young--
Miu Miu – Sup dude! Look at the shape of the jacket--how'd they do that? Wazzat on purpose??
Oh my god, I think everyone in the WORLD went to high school with this f^ckin' kid:
Versace - Does this house have the patent on the "Italian Stallion"(TM)(R) or something?! LOL!(TM)(R)
Neil Barrett – Okay, WAIT. I seriously thought these first two were men, until I realized that the webmaster had just decided to include some women…but the guy does have a lot to take care of...
Paul Smith - Upon first glance, nothing so strange right? But what's this--a black suit with BROWN shoes?!?? Gotcha! HAH! NOTHING gets past The Fasioniste, except the occasional spelling error.
Ralph Lauren - The Gangster meets The Bankster.
Dolce & Gabbana – Unparalleled maestros of the three-piece suit.
Thom Browne - Redefining the "skater" look. (OMG, yeah, I can't believe I just said that, either.)
Viktor & Rolf - The Netherlands' Most Narcissistic Nerds. What do we have here-- Looks like the Dean of Economics … and the star student! A+++
A nice variation on the “I’m with stupid” t-shirt, this classy V-neck sweater steps it up to say “The person standing next to me is so stupid, I am just about to smoke their ass.” That's what I call a REAL fashion *statement*.
Y-3 - And in keeping with that theme, here is a male variation on the countless punkettes who get two downward-pointing handguns tattooed over their ovaries. (WaZ uP, MoDeRN DaY MeDeAs! :D)
These are SOME Pairs...!!
Ralph Lauren both - We have a match! Totally!
John Bartlett | AF Vandervorst - Neat-o.
Burberry Prorsum | Stella McCartney - His outfit appears even more feminine than hers, eh?
Bruno Pieters | John Bartlett - What a way to use that fabric! Geez!!!
Alexander McQueen | Givenchy - Now I just thought the MODELS looked (slightly) like counterparts:
Lanvin | Ralph Lauren – Two ways of getting hitched -- Can you guess which one is doing it on a dare at 5 AM in Vegas? (I'll give you a hint: "Stubble, stubble, white sneakers and trouble...")
Yohji Yamamoto - Chucky???? OH SHHHHH^T!!! EVERYBODY, GET BACK!!!
Rick Owens – Is this kid, like, even THERE? I find this somewhat disturbing......
Valentino - Yeah, anyway it's pretty friggin' annoying when you're trying to impress your lover on a vacation and the damn PORTER is dressed even better than you are. (SIGH...)
And apparently they have decided to include the company's leading stockholders in the runway show itself. Hmm--it must've been part of the deal when shares of the company went public. (Yo, get that economics professor in here; he'll explain it to you--)
Um...on second thought? If that sweater he's wearing is any indication, it might not be the best time to ask...
Issey Miyake | A. McQueen: He was about as cheerful in giving them as she was happy to wear them.
Thank you, Thank you, I will be back next week with more spectacular sweetness. Gracias, Grazie, Merci, and Danke Danke.