Spring/Summer ’06 – Part 2

Oscar de la Renta – Four dresses, four ways to look STUNNINGLY lovely.

Christian Lacroix – Gypsy babes, hottest ones I ever saw. Check 'em out!!!
Just look at these prints--gah-DAYUMMMMN!!!
Paul Costelloe – Two different takes on the "lady executive" look.
Thakoon – If you look at her lips, the dress appears to be glowing.
Roland Mouret – NICE DRESS! And that other one—is that all one, giant, irregular strip of fabric...??
Rochas – It looks like the original ink drawing of the outfit translated perfectly:

These girls are regular exhibitionists. The exhibition this week? Monet, or, as I prefer to call him...

~ The Impressioniste ~

Trend Les Copains – Cold-blooded, lethal, and deadly. You would NOT want to f^ck with EITHER of these women--trust me.
Roberto Cavalli – What can I even say.
lol. WOW. You want extreme? I'll give you X-TReME
Stephen Burrows – SO COOL!!
Temperley – These dresses are for right when the ice has melted from the branches of all the trees…
Thes & Thes - An excellent house -- no, you may not recognize the models, and that's fine--after all, the outfits are mainly what this site is about, and these ones are very, VERY nice!!! See for yourself!
Vera Wang...now designs for scullery maids, too? "In great Edwardian houses, scullery maids were the lowest-ranking of the female servants and were assistant to the kitchen maid. Her responsibilities would include the most physical and demanding tasks in the kitchen, such as cleaning of the floor, stoves, sinks, pots and dishes. They rarely handled fine china, stemware, crystal, or plate silver, as those were cleaned by housemaids and footmen." Work it, baby!
Valentino – Hey, this is as casual as this house gets! For that ACTION, here is the equal and opposite REaction: Bellissima!
WOW. Valentino is known for making the most expensive dresses in the world--and when they fit like THIS, you don't ask questions.
Veronique Branquinho - Look, if any filmmakers are reading this, PLEASE cast THESE chicks in your next feature... How awesome would THAT be?? I'm like, f^ck the plot, I'm seein' that movie 85 freakin' times no matter WHAT it's about...
Versace – (Can u spot the daffodil ?)
Philosophy of Alberta Ferretti - How pretty! A fine pairing of the fabrics for the jacket and skirt.
Roberta Di Camerino – gypsy flowah