Spring/Summer '06 - Part 1
Anna Molinari – That is one sexy Midwestern waitress...! Anyway… “Uh yes, I’ll have two eggs, sunny side up…two bacon strips, two links, um…hash browns aaaand…jelly toast. Thank you! Man, this place is the BESSSST!!!!!!! What’s the name of it again??” “Their sign was stolen two months ago, but I heard it was called, like, “Le Déjeuner Parfait” or something? But I actually remember the sign saying ‘Fatty McGee’s.’ Maybe I’m wrong though. WHHHATEVER....”
Belstaff – Erin go bra-less? Eh? The serious expression says, "Eyes UP HERE, buddy." (Ouch!)
Belstaff - BW jacket Lanvin - BW jacket, take 2
Belstaff - Still got it goin' on........
Indeed, sometimes understatement is THE statement.
SSSSO beautiful.
Kenzo - This seemed to be thrown in the collection as a stray idea, but I gotta say, I love the volume!
La Perla – Blur your eyes and it’s just regular, well-fitted dress…but focus your eyes and see what it really is: daytime lingerie. ("Whuh? Oh my god, he's RIGHT!")
Betsey Johnson – That's Lindsey Logan--NOT to be confused with Lindy Loman, OK? (JK!)
Ann Demeulemeester – Yeah--they just finished the living room and they're coming back tomorrow to do the dining room and hallway. (Apparently the models' union merged with the house-painters'.)
Blumarine – Oh sh^t, how cool do you wanna be? Can’t even push the hair outta your— ok, forget it, it’s a lost cause.
Bruno Pieters – Nice material!!! What is that??
Comme de Garcons - A crown with a multicolored puffball and safety pin... Abselyootly maJESTIC....
Elena Miro – Is that a flasher? If anyone’s got the video, please upload it right NOW!!!!
Givenchy (pron. "ZhiVONshee")– umm…gothic teal? YAH U KNO THE DEAL
This was Riccardo Tisci’s debut as the chief designer of the house, and he really came out swingin’ -- What a VISION!
Baby Phat - Super-sexy to the maximummmm....
Alberta Ferretti - The faces look like they were taken from a crowd in a 19th C painting...
Aigner - Designs that are simple, yes, but still quite original. Love this house!
Ermanno Scervino – She just materialized out of a pink cloud.
Andrew Gn – Two lovely little numbers from this season.
Alviero Martini – She's very shy, like meeee....
...or just wanted this primo footwear! (Miu Miu)
Martin Grant – WWWWOW. Look at the contour of her arm and hand in the second one! Perfect.
MaxMara – Nice way to cut those pants, what the heck is that?!? Something different, actually!
And the Grand Finale - from Ashish and Gucci -- looks like two long-lost sisters--kinda funny, huh?