Spring/Summer '07 - Part 3

Gotta say--seriously--these heels must be smokin' SUMTHIN...cuz they are HIGH AS A MUTHAF^CKA.... Enjoy--these are mostly British design houses, in case you're wondering.

Voom – Whoa, how cool are those boots? Seriously…this is like the best stylistic juxtaposition I've seen all season. Fffff… geeeez!!!
Victim – The only victim here is whatever poor girl isn’t dressed THIS f^ckin’ good...huy-ohh!! That is some really innovative tailoring, and it is magnificently done. Mesmerizing!
Jasper Conran - As if the outfits aren't awesome enough on their own...check the backdrop!!
Yana K - Four totally different looks, all truly fantastic--
Jenny Packham - Look at the way it fans out... Lovely!
Tipping the balance of comfort and elegance wayyy in the favor of comfort...okay, that's cool. Gucci, Fall '04 - Green sequin--lighter, and tighter!
Kristian Aadnevik – A visionary shopping--just grab two handfuls of skinny belts from the bin at Wal-Mart and do your thing, gurlzzz.... Could it be that wearing like 35 belts is the modern equivalent a corset with like 15 knots? It is positively sadistic (for the MAN, that is).
Laura Lees Label – Wait, crayon-drawn indigo? Hey—works at whatever length you please...
Louis Verdad - An adorable silhouette, and one of the finest visions of the season.
Single - Love the style. "Nouveau boho chic"? What? Whatever. I'm just lovin' the patterns. I mean, it's good as long as their apartment is not just full of that style...then I think we'd DEFINITELY know who's smokin' what. (OMG LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Servin' up some saucy spaghetti, you say? HELL YEAH
Damn man, are you kidding me??
Nah, THAT’S the stuff. (Apparently the legs are long eeeenough. Hey!)

Bebe - So you got this week's lesson? The footwear's gotta be on-point or else your life is pointLESS. Are we CLEAR?

Jennifer Nicholson - The Grand Finale - This is the kinda shoe that kicks your ass without actually... well, kicking your ass!