Spring/Summer '07 - Part 2
Ermanno Scervino – Quite the variety of looks for one show... So cool.
Sinha Stanic - The jacket-and-dress look, reimagined once again, with outstanding results...
Bora Aksu - ...annnnd again. (DAMN!! This is EXACTLY what I'm talkin' about.)
Roccobarocco - The ultimate silhouette from top to bottom:
Borbonese - OMG, BEST. SAFARI. EVER.
Salvatore Ferragamo - Yeah, they do clothing too--and check...this...OUT!!!
Diesel - Adorablllllllllle………. And was she just dancing her ass off backstage?

Diesel – The skirt of this dress literally looks like it was the wrapper of giant SKOR chocolate bar... (Delicious!)

Julien Macdonald - Superb stylist, excellent work!
C’N’C – Sexxxay!!

Isn’t she supposed to be, like, standing at the end of tunnel in a horror movie?

Douglas - NOBODY else is doing this look--and it is AWESOME!!!!!
Krizia - Toe to toe...what a way to stand!
Byblos – Hey, it ain't MY fault that the two best outfits were put on the same girl! Pow!
Nanette - In a simple daytime stroll, this chick will ruin more marriages than you can count.
AB/Soul - The silver ain't goin' NOWHERE----
Blugirl - Yeah, it'd probably make more sense if Valentine's Day WERE in the spring, you know?
Gianfranco Ferre – WHAT!!!!!! F^ckin' awesome
Antonio Marras – Presenting "The Libation-bearers," a play by Euripides
Wunderkind - This is just a beautifully arranged outfit.
Enrico Coveri – I’ve heard about clothes that makes you look taller…but she LITERALLY looks like about 6-foot-3...and about as cool as a woman could possibly be:
Mila Schon - Of course, have to have the perfect figure--
Monique Lhuillier – You know the taste of black coffee, I am sure... Well, that's exactly what her kisses taste like.
VPL – Oh my god…AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Josh Goot – Fillin’ that thing out nicely… Wooo...
Kristina Ti - It looks like she dreams of being some glamorous Madison Avenue diva, but in the dream itself, she only makes it halfway through the transformation, hence the nightwear.
If you aren't scared NOW, then you must have nerves of steel. Happy Halloween!!!