Before all the Spring/Summer collections are unveiled, let us look at the very best of...
Kenzo__________AUTUMN/WINTER '06______Andrew Gn
Moschino (AWESOME...)  
  Tuleh (BEAUTIFUL...)
Basso & Brooke (ULTIMATE PRINT)  
  J. Mendel (DECENTLY HOT)
Jil Sander È questo una donna, o un righello? Versace CIÒ è una donna!
Comments, Compliments, and Wisecracks on some runway looks from the past two seasons! :D
This dress is more dreamlike than any I have ever seen.
Here's the humorless female fashion executive ...and here is her extreeeemely hot assistant.
Behold, the wealthiest kindergarten teacher in the world.
And speaking of grades, B's become D's with this strategically striped top! :D
Y'know, I think it's really sexy when a 20-year-old girl dresses like a dusty librarian from 1952. Whoa! Dude, I was just kidding!! Well, then again... (sigh...)
butterscotch suede ...and caramel leather

...and speaking of Suede--is that the lead singer??

And forget about Blue Suede, cuz this season it was either all Blue Velour...or Satin...or Silk.

That snooty waitress from the local diner had to work overtime, and she couldn't go home and change in time for big date, so--get this--she ended up...well, I'll just SHOW you:
Now THIS is how you wear gingham! (basically by lookin' like THIS.)

Is this what you would calll, uhh, beachwear...formalwear?

Fashion Relativity: T he skirt in the second picture is the first cousin twice-removed of the dress in the first picture.
This is how I picture Persephone... And this is how I picture an **~angel~** Aww...
Freckle-faced Illinois farmgirl--one day milking cows, the next day setting global fashion trends...?!??

Wanna make a model feel even fatter? Draw a thinner silhouette right on the front of her dress! LOL! (Man, she does NOT look happy.)

Or make her wear something like this nice, mmm, chastity b...bathing suit? "Don't make the dress to fit the body, but train the body to fit the dress." -Elsa Schiaparelli

Chain, heart, pearls, lock--you get the idea (well, hopefully you do, cuz I don't.)
'ey, if anybody knows where these chicks are studying art, PLEASE let me know...
  Could you repeat the question?

I wouldn't even know how to describe this... All I CAN say is that the NFL-style grommets and lacing on the pants are outrageously sexy...